Bobby Wayne (Flashbulb) Baker


 4755 Walkabout Creek Ct
Acworth, Georgia
Home: 770-529-9658


What song most reminds you of your school days?  
What teacher most influenced you?  
Miss Morgan, Mrs. Hodges, Mr. Towery
Which reunions have you attended?  
10th, 30th, 40th
Which was your favorite?  
10th and 40th

Fondest memories of your days at Central:
My dream was to be on the football team.  All of the guys that went to Central will know what I mean when I say, "I would rather sit on the bench for Central than to play at City".  I had learned to play a trumpet during my three years at Lookout Jr. High and spent many a Saturday morning at City playing with kids from other junior high schools.  I was exposed to a lot of City folks.  I did not get to play football, nor get to sit on the bench because I had a physical problem in my right hip and could not take a chance on getting it broken.  Instead, I became a photographer and traveled with the football team to all of the away games and was at the home games to take pictures from the sidelines.  Remember the Oak Ridge game when it rained buckets of water the entire game.  I took the picture of the scoreboard after the game showing Central 6 and Oak Ridge 0.  Go Mallet!  I believe he floated over the goal line.  Central is where I met the love of my life, Gayle Beason, class of '59.  We married in '61 while we were both attending Tennessee Tech.


My life since graduation:  
Gayle and I have have been married 48 years, 49 in January, and live in Acworth, Georgia.  We have one son, Mike and two daughters, Cindy and Amy.  They all live within 20 miles of us, and have given us seven grandchildren and one great grandchild.  The grandchildren are five boys and two girls (twins).  The great is a boy.  My 92 year old dad lives with us since my mom passed away in 1996.  We currently have five generations of Baker boys alive.  Both of Gayle's parents have passed away. 

I began working for Southern Railway in July of '60 and would come home on weekends to work, then back to Cookeville on Sunday evening.  I went full time when the boss told me to either go to school and quit work, or work and quit school because they needed me to be full time.  I quit school.  When I retired on February 1, 2000, I had worked 40 years. 

Today I am a blessed man.  My health is not the best, but I don't have to look very far to find someone that is worse off than I am.  I am puzzled by people that display the popular bumper sticker, "Jesus is my co-pilot."  Brother/Sister, if he is only your co-pilot, you better move over and let him be your pilot!  God Bless you all, and I hope to see you at the 50th Reunion in July 2010.