Marian (Berning) Van Zant


PO Box 803
Lexington, NC
Home: 336-243-1221


What song most reminds you of your school days?  
Night Train; They Call the Wind Maria
What teacher most influenced you?  
Rebecca Haskins, Bobbie Ruth Hodges
Which reunions have you attended?  
10, 25, 30

Which did you enjoy the most?
All of Them

Fondest memories of your days at Central:
 We had these spelling books. They were in all the English classes. Where were you when you learned the meaning of the word shibboleth, serendipity, felicity, advantageous, etc. The curious thing about this is that it was our Chemistry teacher, Mr. Hoodenpyle, who managed to use every one of the words in these books each week of his life! Man, he was erudite. Was that Junior year or Senior year?

Our head cheerleader, Bill Brown, was terrific. He kept us cheering the whold game. "Go! Go! Where, Where, we want a touchdown over there!" And could Billy dance!! He and Linda Hodge(Brown) jitterbugged like no one else could!  My favorite cheer was "Satisfied! Satisfied!" And that's what our years at Central were, "Satisfied!" and really COOL!


My life since graduation:  
I went to Pitt to college; married Tom Van Zant('60) after graduation. We spent six years in Houston where Tom worked with DuPont and I worked as a mathematician at the Manned Space Center. Exciting times! We had two daughters there; Jennifer, now a lawyer in Greensboro, NC, married with three children, 8, 6, and almost 4. Maria also went to law school, but lives abroad with her husband and two children, 8 and almost 6. Her husband is with International Organization for Migration and they get to live in luxury spots like East Timor, Serbia, Vietnam. They are now in Amman, Jordan. Interestingly enough, both daughters have kept the Van Zant name, although Jennifer just for professional purposes.

We moved to North Carolina, Northern Indiana, Alabama, and back to North Carolina. I started Meals on Wheels programs in two of those locations and have worked a a social worker. Tom and I divorced in 1981 and I returned to programming, this time business programming, instead of scientific. I am now retired from Wachovia. Active in my church; have many hobbies and collections, and I thrive in my role as Grandmother.
I am a big fan of Duke Basketball! Go Blue Devils!

Tom died in 1988 of colon cancer. He did achieve his goal of being a Life Master at Duplicate Bridge before he was 30.

We have been richly blessed with family, friends, and a wonderful church family. And of course, being a Purple Pounder is one of our greatest blessings.

"Ain't we cute? We're from Dixie! We're the Class of 1960!"