Joseph Alexander Clem


2011 Madeline Ct
Mt Juliet, TN
Home: 615-773-4027      
Email: joclem@tds.net 
What teacher most influenced you?  
Mrs Rogers - Math
Which reunions have you attended?  
Which did you enjoy the most?

Fondest memories of your days at Central:
Great times and trips with those on the Rifle Team - Charles Stehle, Bob Samuelson, Charles Morris, Spencer De Friese, & Sgt. Bobby Gilbert

Spending the night walking the streets in Washington DC on my senior trip.  I couldn't get back to my room after curfew without getting caught.  I was dressed in a trench coat & hat.  When I got off the elevator, I saw Everett O'Neal guarding the floor, so I quickly ducked back on the elevator and fled the hotel.  I heard later Everett O'Neal thought someone was trying sell some ?????? to those on the men's floor, and he caused him to flee.  I finally went back to the hotel around 6 AM, and all was clear.  I was one tired puppy who got "no sleep" that night.


My life since graduation:  
I attended the University of Chattanooga Graduating in 1965 with a BS in Engineering Physics.  I was supposed to graduate in the summer of 1964, and join the Air Force in the fall, but flunked sophomore English!  So I began my mechanical/nuclear engineering career in the fall of 1964 with Combustion Engineering in Chattanooga.  After working 4 years with CE, I moved to San Jose CA to begin a 20 years career with GE in their nuclear energy division.  After 4 years in San Jose, we moved to Memphis TN for 9 years working with CBI Nuclear Co., Baton Rouge for 5 years working at River Bend Nuclear Plant, and then 2 years in Knoxville TN working with TVA.  After leaving GE in 1988, I worked 9 years for Dupont/Westinghouse at the DOE Savannah River Plant in Aiken SC.  In 1997 I began working for A&E Sargent & Lundy located in Chicago. Since then I worked at various nuclear plants around the country, finally retiring in 2008, but continue to work part time as needed.

I met my wife to be (Carol Frey) at UC in 1964 and we married in 1965. We have 3 children and 9 wonderful grandchildren.

Great to see everyone at the 50 Year Reunion. 


Favorite Bible verses: John 10:10 & Phil 3:10