Carolyn (Currie) Fisher


7907 Woodstone Drive
Hixson, TN

What song most reminds you of your school days?  
Poison Ivy
What teacher most influenced you?  
Miss Minnie Morgan

Which reunions have you attended?  
30, 40 and 50
Which did you enjoy the most?  

Fondest memories of your days at Central:

 “Spirit of ‘60”
I went to see my old High School today;
But found it was gone – had been taken away,
The place where it once stood was empty and bare,
Not a wall and not even a foundation were there.
No long-ago students to see on the lawn,
Nobody was there – everybody had gone..
I stood for a while looking upon the place;
Memories came rushing and filled up the space;
That precious old building stood there once again;
I walked through the hallways, said hello to my friends.
Those creaking old stairs and the hard wooden floors
Received my glad tread like they once had before.
And all of the classrooms still looked just the same;
The teachers were there and I shook all their hands.
That grand ole rotunda I stopped to adore;
Stood down at the bottom – raised my eyes to each floor.
I went to assembly in the big auditorium;
And sat with my class – everybody had come.
I looked to my right, the Junior class was there,
And there at my left were sophomores everywhere.
We all were together in my memory.
The greatest year spent there was nineteen and sixty!


My life since graduation:  
Still working (City of Chattanooga) Raised two daughters and now have 4 granddaughters. Widow since year 2000. Enjoy being around other people. Worked with Childrens Church. Enjoy the mountains and short trips.