James Ray Hays


2245 Maroneal Street
Houston, Texas
Work: 832 721 5505



What teacher most influenced you?  
Miss Schwartz
Which reunions have you attended?  

Fondest memories of your days at Central:
I remember the smell of the classrooms, the crowded stairways, the talk around the rotunda, and the spirit of my fellow students.

My life since graduation:  
     After leaving Central High I continued my education at UC (1964), the University of Georgia (Ph.D., 1970), and a law degree from South Texas College of Law (1980).

     Since leaving Athens I have worked in the Texas Medical Center in Houston, currently as a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences with a work assignment at Ben Taub General Hospital as Chief Psychologist. I have published over 100 scientific articles and ten books but consider myself a clinician not a researcher.

     On the family side I am in my third marraige with seven children from those unions (six boys, one girl), the yongest two of whom are six and nine years, all of which shows my utter lack of self control.

     For a number of years I competed in triathlons but have not raced for the past few years. My highest finish was 14th in my age group in the Athens Triathlon about 10 years ago; however, I steadfastly refuse to provide the number of competitors in my age group. Presently in my spare time, I serve in the Texas State Guard and hold the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Texas Medical Reserve Brigade (Texas Medical Rangers).  Unfortunately I am scheduled for active duty with the Guard in Operation Lone Star during the time of the reunion and will not be able to attend.

Update 12/20/2012
I am currently working as a psychologist in private practice conducting forensic and administrative law evaluation for attorneys and licensing boards.

Update 7/31/2013
I am in limited private practice of psychology in Houston working with attorneys and their clients, and am the Executive Officer of the Houston Medical Response Group, Texas State Guard. I hold the amateur extra license for HAM radio, using that primarily for VHF and UHF emergency communications when responding as part of the State Guard.

I retired in 2012 from the Baylor College of Medicine and am professor emeritus.