William (Bill) Howard


3251 Mary Drive
Marietta, Georgia
Home: 770 973 5238
Email: howardbill@bellsouth.com

What song most reminds you of your school days?  
Smoke gets in your eyes
What teacher most influenced you?  
Ms. Hodges
Which reunions have you attended?  

Which did you enjoy the most?  

Fondest memories of your days at Central:
Friends, both in the class ahead and behind me. I probably had more close buddies in the year before we graduated. I had a thing for older women! Married one in fact. Judy was in the class ahead of us. Central was special and the memories I have are all great. Particularly Ms. Hodges sitting me close to a window when it was hot so I could stay awake
She was truly a very special teacher.

My life since graduation:  
Very Lucky. First, made a great choice in my wife, and was convincing enough to keep her around for more that 45 years. Second, was able to convince Eastern Airlines that I had some value, they sent me to schools that I could not have attended on my own, and invested a lot in my future giving me a chance to attend Universities in Miami, New Orleans and Atlanta. I was able to return to Atlanta with Eastern as Director for the Southern region. When The airline closed in 1991, ( it was not my fault regardless of what other people say ).  After Eastern, I enjoyed a second career as VP Marketing and Communications at the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau. I retired after health  problems convinced me it was time to smell the roses. That career lasted 17 years and I experienced Super Bowls, SEC Championships, Final Fours, and the Olympic Games. I was fortunate enough to be the liaison between the Bureau and the Olympic Games, a truly once in a lifetime experience.
Judy and I are the grandparents of 5 grandchildren, 4 boys and recently our first girl grand child. Regardless of what every one else calls her, she is "Sparkle" to me.
We spend our time with grand kids in Atlanta, and at our speidal home in the Smokey Mountains where we hike, raft, fish, bike, and enjoy the special beauty of the mountains.