Floyd (Skeeter) Kephart


16428 Via de la Valle
Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Home: 858 756-7104
Work: 858-756-3307


What song most reminds you of your school days?  
Still of the Night
What teacher most influenced you?  
J. Pope Dyer
Which reunions have you attended?  
none and sorry to miss this one


Fondest memories of your days at Central:
Dances, parties, pep rallies, football games, and the Swing Band playing Night Train. Developing friendships that have lasted for 50 years and counting.  Having teachers, a principal and vice principal whose teachings and advice literally changed my life.

My life since graduation:  
After graduation, with the help of scholarships , student loans and working in politics, I graduated from MTSU and pursued my three interests of politics, sports  and business.  Major events were creating and becoming the first director of Tennessee's Fiscal Review Committee (the financial arm of the legislature); creating Sports News Network (SNN) the first online sports database and selling it to ESPN; and becoming the first paid political analyst on television (hard to believe given the 24 hour news cycle today) but that was 1968!  Previously married to two great women who wisely sent me packing and today live with what wold be my third wife if after 20 years we ever decided to get married.  No children since I always filled that role in my relationships.

We live in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. Since I don't believe in retirement,  I continue to serve (have for 25 years)  as Chairman of The Renaissance Companies and Artists & Entertainment, two companies I started in the mid-80's and thanks to cable television get to pay my bills by investing (betting) in thoroughbred racing one race at a time.

It has been and is a great life that would not have been so great had it not been for Central! Only an annual commitment where I am the host is keeping me from attending the reunion.  Will be there in spirit!