Edward Allen Love


621 Outlook Circle
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Home: 423-822-0064
Work: 423-432-1808


What song most reminds you of your school days?  
Will you still love me tomorrow
What teacher most influenced you?  
Ms. Rogers
Which reunions have you attended?  
The last two.

Which did you enjoy the most?  
Both were really good.

Fondest memories of your days at Central:
going to the football and basketball games, hanging out and dancing at the drugstore and playing on the state championship baseball team.

My life since graduation:  
I graduated UC in 1964, went in the army for 2 years, worked for an insurance company for 3&1/2 yrs, then went to UT law school and graduated in 1973. I have practiced law in Chattanooga since then. I met my wife, Judy, in Knoxville while in law school and we married in 1973. We have 1 daughter who is a lawyer in Knoxville w/ TVA. No grandchildren yet.
I am mostly retired and my wife and I have enjoyed traveling, especially some of the national parks, and playing a lot of golf all over the southeast.