Larrie Anna Mansfield


2155 Vaden Village Drive
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Home: 423/894-5303


What song most reminds you of your school days?  
Sea of Love
What teacher most influenced you?  
Mrs. Spaulding
Which reunions have you attended?  

Which did you enjoy the most?  

Fondest memories of your days at Central:
Studying-test, the Pirates, and all those wonderful dances we had.  I always had a great time going to the restaurant across the street (what was name-anybody remember?).  The one MOST important thing I remember is being able to be with the friends I grew up with, especially by BFF, Carolyn Hale.  As I look back, Central days were some of the best of my life.

My life since graduation:  
I married in 1961 and gave birth to my first son in 1962 (so young-had to have my minority removed so that I could purchase my first home in 1962).  In 1963 my 2nd son was born and we moved to Signal Mtn. & in 1967 gave birth to my 3rd son. They are just the greatest, sweetest boys ever.  In the late 70's I opened my first business, an Art Needlework Specialty Shop, that I managed and taught the Art of Needlework. We moved to Franklin, TN a few years later & I was on the Board of Directors of my ex-husbands businesses and attended UTK at Nash. 1982 we returned to Signal Mtn., I started working for TVA & attended UTC and Chattanooga State.  In 1983 I became a single parent, after 21 years of marriage, and began a new life.  After TVA, I worked as an Administrative Assistant for Fibermesh, Inc, a Sales Representative for Tel-A-Train, an Office Manager for a home builder and in 1995 I returned to school to obtain by Real Estate license.  After retiring my license, I worked in retail as a Department Manager, a Floral Designer and Field Representative of the Census Bureau. I will be 68, July 22 and still don't know what I want to do when I grow up!  I have 1 granddaughter, and 4 grandsons ( 2 are twins--how did that happen?)  I have been fortunate enough to travel abroad and live a very diverse life.  In 1980 I became a member of New Hope Presbyterian where I found another kind of life. I have enjoyed helping the Central High planning committee and look forward to seeing all the those faces I forgot, but that are still dear to my heart.  WE ARE VERY FORTUNATE TO BE ABLE TO HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO SEE ALL OUR CLASSMATES ONCE AGAIN--PLEASE ATTEND.