Jo Ann (Massey) Liner


1242 Donna Drive
Richardson, Texas
Cell 214-597-4332


What song most reminds you of your school days?  
Sentimental Journey
What teacher most influenced you?  
Mr.K W Johns

Which reunions have you attended?  

Fondest memories of your days at Central:
Friendships,  the glee club and orchestra, especially the tours and the senior trip.  The years went by too quickly.  If only we had realized it then.  Oh well, that's youth!

My life since graduation:  
After 47 years of marriage I find myself single again.  I am looking forward to what God has planned for me during this phase of my life.  I am blessed with one son and one daughter  Each is blessed with a wonderful Christian spouse. My son is a minister and my daughter-in-law is a special ed teacher.  My daughter is a pharmacist and her husband is a minister also.  They are all involved in ministry around the world.          I have one grandson who is a jr. at Oklahoma State University,  GO COWBOYS.... He was privileged to attend a university in China last summer and hopes to return this summer.  I also have one granddaughter who is a sophomore in high school and enjoys being a part of the Lyric Theater, currently rehearsing "GREASE" for a spring performance.