Dwight Stephen McCauley


417 Ashwood Terrace
Chattanooga, TN
Home: 423-875-2195

Email: dwightmccauley@bellsouth.net

What song most reminds you of your school days?  
Charlie Brown
What teacher most influenced you?  

Which reunions have you attended?  


Fondest memories of your days at Central:
The fun, the great people, band and band trips, and singing with the Belaires

My life since graduation:  
I married Wilma Hope (City class of 1960) in 1963.  We have 2 daughters and a wonderful 10 year-old granddaughter and 9 year-old grandson.  I was in building material sales until I developed cardiomyopathy after a bout with the flu in 1990.  I was on the heart transplant waiting list for 2 years, and in December 1992 I had a heart transplant.  I have been given the gift of almost 18 years of life - so far- that I would not have had.