Judy (Nealley) Phillips


5419 Dupont Street
Chattanooga, TN
Home: 423-867-1690
Work: 423-698-4899


What song most reminds you of your school days?  
The Great Pretender, In the Still of the Night
What teacher most influenced you?  
Miss Morgan
Which reunions have you attended?  
30th and 40th

Which did you enjoy the most?

Fondest memories of your days at Central:
Hanging out at the rotunda, pep rallies, football games and open houses after the games, going to Jacksonville, FL (I think) for a football game my senior year, slumber parties, trying to get to class on time, great friends.

My life since graduation:  
I married in my senior year (he was from City High, I should have known better) but have two wonderful daughters, Kim and Karin.  They have given me four remarkable grandsons, Ryan 23, Blake 22, Chase 18, and Logan 17.  These boys are so much fun and brilliant, of course!   Divorced since 1988, have not remarried but came close twice.  Enjoy being single.  I was a stay-at-home mom until Kim (oldest) started college, then went to work at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee.  Retired after 20 years, worked for my son-in-law for 4 years, took a year and a half off and decided I am much happier working.  I've worked part time as a receptionist in a doctor's office for the past 5 years - best job ever!  I love to travel, do a lot of volunteer work, write poetry (don't laugh) and spend lots of family and friend time.  Can't wait for our 50th!  How did that hsppen?!