Joyce Ann (Ross) Goggin



Email: joycegoggin@gmail.com


What teacher most influenced you?  
Mrs. Rasmussen, my art teacher in Ohio

Which reunions have you attended?  

Fondest memories of your days at Central:
The fun I had.  I was in the choir all 4 years and art classes which I remember fondly.  I transferred to Chattanooga from Cleveland Ohio my senior year so I only attended Central 1 year.  I met a lot of nice people there.


My life since graduation:  
I worked at the telephone company for a year after graduation and married in October of 1961.  My husband is Zane Goggin and we have two children, a girl and a boy. 

I was a stay at home Mom which was wonderful for me.  I did several part time jobs through the years and went back to school at Chattanooga tech for a 2 year degree in graphic art. 

My life has been devoted to my family and to my church interests, involving missions organizations and working with children for many years.  I now attend Burning Bush Baptist along with my husband and my daughter's family.  We live on 5 acres  with the deer and turkeys.  I enjoy doing projects on the computer and I still enjoy my art work in different forms.
My husband was an administrator at Dixie Industries until his retirement a few years ago.