Charles Adkins


Charles died September 25, 2013





My life since graduation:
Updated: March 19, 2007
After graduating from Central, I had a scholarship to UC so naturally I enlisted in the navy for a "two year tour" instead. Have always had the itch to move around. The two year tour lasted a bit longer than I expected - almost twenty one.  I was fortunate enough to have many different duties and chances to  see many countries.  I served in three destroyers and one nuclear submarine; got a bachelors and masters degrees and a commission.  I retired in Philadelphia in 1983; but still have the wanderlust and have lived and worked in New Jersey, Florida and Georgia since. I am a Certified Safety Professional now and have just completed a temporary position working on a new launch pad at Cape Canaveral for launching Delta IV missiles.

I am single and back at my home in Jacksonville, FL.  I retired for real in 2005 (Ha, Ha) but am wondering what I'll get into next and where it will take me. I've still got a few more moves to make before I completely settle down for real and would not be surprised to find that the path leads back to Chattanooga in the end. I have one son, John Charles, who also lives in Jacksonville.
Hope to hear from a lot of you and may just "show up" in your city one day. Unless there is a catastrophe I will attend the Forty Fifth reunion and Centrals 100th depending on how things play out.  Hope you're there too.