Betsy (Albright) McCord




What song most reminds you of your school days?
Great Pretender by the Platters

What teacher most influenced you?  
Miss Marjorie Ogle
Which reunions have you attended?
Which did you enjoy most? 

Fondest memories of your days at Central:
The feeling of Friendliness when I walked in the building for the first time.  Janice and Caroline.  Working on "The Digest",  Football games, pep rallies at the rotunda - The rotunda!  Too many great memories to list them all.

My life since graduation:  
I married Dick McCord in 1963 and we had Ricky for Christmas.  Twins, Michelle and Viki came 7 years later and I was a stay home mom.  I have dabbled in teaching 3&4 year olds in our church learning center.  Worked as part-time church secretary.  Then realized I had to get a paying job to send 2 girls to college and went to work for Johnston Pump dealing with nuclear plants.  I am currently in the process of retiring  after 23 years. Looking forward to traveling and fishing.