Jesse M. (Sandy) Alexander


7623 Ridge Bay Dr.
Hixson, TN
Home: 423-842-6238

What song most reminds you of your school days?  
Anything by Elvis
What teacher most influenced you?  
Mr. Fletcher
Which reunions have you attended?
All but the 35th
Which did you enjoy the most?

Fondest memories of your days at Central:
Mr. Fletcher's auto shop.  

My life since graduation:  
After graduation I continued to work for the M&J supermarket until 1965.  For the next few years I owned a service station in East Ridge and worked at a couple of other jobs until 1969 when I started a career with TVA that lasted for nearly 23 years.  It started with a two-year Fossil power plant operator-training program at the Widows Creek Steam Plant in Stevenson, AL.  In 1972 I decided that I wanted to try the nuclear field and I transferred to the Sequoyah Nuclear Plant where after additional training and several promotions I became a Shift Engineer and held a Senior Reactor Operators License from the NRC.  In 1987 I transferred to the Maintenance department where I was a Maintenance Manager until I took early retirement in 1991.

After retiring from TVA, I have performed various consulting services (mentoring, project management, etc.) with the Department Of Energy, at facilities located in South Carolina, Texas and at Oak Ridge, TN and at various nuclear plants in the northeast and the mid-west.  My assignments took me to New Jersey, Illinois, Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania.  I just finished my third assignment at the DC Cook Nuclear Plant in Michigan.

I met my future wife, Kay Card, a Soddy girl in 1967 and we were married in 1969 and we have a son and a daughter.  Both attended the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. Carter is 29 and is the executive chef at the Cherokee Grill in Gatlinburg and Gwen is 26 and works on the staff at the Peninsula Lighthouse Mental and Drug Abuse Center in Knoxville.

My lifetime hobby has been cars. I have owned several cars over the years. I currently own a 1929 and 1931 Model A Ford and a 1939 Nash.  My wife gets very frustrated with me when we travel because Im always looking over the countryside for cars.  She thinks my brain is in the shape of a car.  Im Vice President of the Lookout As car club which is a local chapter of the Model A Ford Club of America.