Mike Baumstark


3718 Baxter Rd.
Joelton, TN
Home: 615 876-8749
Work: Retired

Updated August 25, 2010

It's been nearly fifty years since we graduated.  It's hard to believe that so much time has slipped away.  Seems like only yesterday we were walking the halls of Central High, leaning on the rail of the second floor rotunda, the focal point of activity at Central.
There were those among us that probably knew exactly what they were going to do and the road they would travel to reach their destination.  I was not one of those chosen few, but I have had a great time finding those paths less traveled.  For the most part, I am just as you left me with the exception of a few more pounds a few less hairs and a couple of extra wrinkles (Character lines).  To be sure, there have been some modifications to the original, but I still get a kick out of life.

  After college, I married and we had two sons and they in turn have given us three wonderful grandchildren. Grandchildren are so much simpler to deal with. You don't have to worry about bedtimes, ice cream before meals or any of those other parent type rules. All you have to do is spoil them rotten then send them home. Payback is so great.
I managed to graduate from college and went on to get two Masters Degrees from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.  GO Vols!!  I am also a big Titans Fan and make as many games as possible.  Despite my brush with Higher Education, I haven't changed all that much. I still have not grown up yet, I'm waiting till I get older to do that.

I have retired after 40 years with the state and spend my time writing for the "Conservationist Magazine" and taking long walks in the woods with Buck (my dog)..  I live on a 37-acre farm north of Nashville in a house made of trees (log cabin).  From the front porch, I watch wild turkey saunter across the front fields and deer taking their evening snack from our apple trees. They haven't found the grape arbor yet but when they do, I am afraid we are going to have a conflict of interest.

I also enjoy Country Western Dancing, graphic design work on the side for friends and church and taking walks in the woods. God, that sounds like an ad for the personals!

In general, I have had a great time growing older.  Maybe someday I'll take the time to act my age.  NAH!

On July 30th my wife of 21 years, passed away after losing her battle with cancer. It is amazing how much you miss the little things. The sun will come up tomorrow and the day after that but at least for a while it will not shine as bright.