David Perry Bell

583 Old Lead Mine Valley Rd.
Cleveland, Tn. 37311
(423) 476-2602

Email:  mybloomers@hotmail.com

Which reunions have you attended?
10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40
Which did you enjoy most? 
All thru 50

Fondest memories of your days at Central:
* The Rotunda
* The well worn steps, just think of how many have walked there before you.  Like walking on hallowed ground, by
  jove, it was.

My life since graduation:  
Went to work the very next day after graduation, (flipp'n burgers for Bill Hay, Hamilton Co. Park). In the fall, 
after I was old enough, I got a real job, Miller Bros. downtown. Then went to Bausch & Lomb Optical. Then Van Heusen 
on Bonny Oaks, they had just opened. Was laid off there, and before finding another job, Uncle Sam thought I should 
see the "WORLD". I went ahead and joined to take advantage of the G I Bill, more time served, more time in school. 
After training, I was sent to Viet Nam, served with the Army's 1st Division. "THE BIG RED ONE". From there I went 
to Germany. If I had not gotten married between Nam & Germany, I would have asked to go back to Nam.  While in 
Germany, I held the "honor" of being the 1st instructor ever fired from an NCO Academy.

After leaving the service I went to work for the Post Office, for 2 1/2 years. Resigned, and went to school full 
time for a while. Then got on with TVA Sequoia Nuclear Plant, (construction). Left TVA in early 1979, and started 
building houses. We almost lost our shirts. I was fortunate not to lose any houses to the bank. I sold one at cost 
just to get rid of it.

I was honored, to be asked to build a new house, for Charles and Linda (Bacon) Grant. As well as asked to rebuild 
Jack Woods house, that had been lost to fire.  I got into remodeling, which was better $$$$$$$. Then my wife and I 
started hanging wall coverings, (after attending a school in Commerce, Ga) & painting. Again, we were honored to be 
asked by Lynda (Pease) Pace to hang and paint in their new house.

Now we are semi-retired, and hang only in the winter months. Since my wife decided to take a different direction in 
life. Growing & selling fresh cut flowers. After we bought 8 acres in Bradley County. Like some of the other 
classmates that have purchased some acreage, it sure is quiet out here."
On Dec. 27, 2001 I had two Stents and an Angioplasty. The reason that I am adding this to my bio so that everyone 
will get a check up of some type, in hopes that if you have some thing it will show up so that the Doctor(s) can 
find out before it is too late. (Check out Jim Waldrop's bio). Like Jim, I was in the Doctors office and he made a 
phone call about 10:30 AM, and he said YOU have an appointment for 1:00 PM. By 3:45 PM I was back in my room. Came 
home the next day, the 28th. Doing fine now, will start in rehab soon, (diet and exercise). Have started walking 
more to start building up for the rehab. Pat (Suit) Von Schaaf works in the rehab department at Memorial Hospital, 
so she will see me on a regular basis. I just hope she does not use the "Cat o' 9 tails whip" or a "Cattle Prod"

July 26, 2002, had the third stent installed, this is the Angioplasty that was done, December 27, 2001. SHOULD HAVE 
INSTALLED THREE, NOT TWO!!!!!!!!  The vein was completely closed before the stent, open now.  Went to the Dr. for 
a follow up, every thing  A-OK. Have been a regular at the "Y" in rehab, it has made a BIG difference.  After all, 
they are "sill practicing."
UPDATE 1/22/2012:

I went to work for the Post Office, June 2006, after 26 1/5 years of being self employed, 
(work dropped off BIG TIME).
Retired from the Post Office in September 2009.
After retiring, I, like a lot of people that have said, "don't know how I found time to 
work".  DO NOT SIT AND WATCH TV ALL DAY. With the 8+ acres have plenty to do. We bought 2 
acres just up the same road we are on, and plan to sell this house and build a smaller 
house, (scale down). STILL going to live in the "country", and keep the tractor.

I was standing in the driveway with one of my neighbors, and my wife drove around the side 
of the house on the tractor, and the neighbor said, "your wife is driving your tractor". 
Yes, I taught her how to drive...........he looks at me and said.....what if she takes off 
with the tractor.......I looked him in the eye, and said, "sure will miss that tractor".
Took him a few seconds as to what I said. 
Update - December 19, 2014
October 17, 2014 had two more stents "installed", this makes numbers 5&6.
IF there is a good thing I can breathe now, and they went into the wrist, which is a new procedure.  
A lot better than going into the groin.