George Peele Byrd


1712 Skyline Drive
Chattanooga, TN
Home: 423.326.1651
Work: 423.903.2720

What song most reminds you of your school days?
Elvis' songs (one & all)... :-)
What teacher most influenced you?  
Mr. K.W. Johns (Music Teacher/Glee Club
Which reunions have you attended?
None to date
Which did you enjoy most? 
Hopefully The 50th, Later This Year (2012)

Fondest memories of your days at Central:
The classmates, fun times, always so many events taking place, especially the parties, our fantastic era of the greatest "Rock "n Roll" music & entertainers the world ever has had, ever shall have! Now, for the negative, less "fun-side" of things, were trying to stay focused, take home a "just-barely, getting-by, passing grades" (Don't Ya, Know?)!!!...Wonderful teachers, marvelous array of friends, class-mates, one-and all and "memories for a lifetime"...Ok? :-) OK!!!

My life since graduation:  
Was in terrible auto accident 4/10/60, lost three members of my family, my girlfriend/wife, Karan (Mc Allister) Byrd (also '62 class-member), younger brother, Charles Peele & my step-father, Woodrow Peele...I, sustained back, leg & foot injuries, which prevented my resuming our junior year of school...Later that '60 summer, I became more involved pursuing professionally a career in music, recording & entertaining...Was fortunate via another local singer/entertainer, Jane (Nobile) Tate (a.k.a. Jana D'Ora/stage-name) to us both becoming front-acts, traveling, touring with Jerry Lee Lewis ("Wow, what an education that turned out to be, can ASSURE you!")...That being said, looking back now, unfortunately my choice to skip our senior year (1962), opting for pursuit of music career, did not get to graduate with our class (unfortunately)...

Skipping ahead, married '61/Divorced '84, have twin-sons, Nicky & Ricky Byrd...

Worked (actually, more honestly "hung-out") at Combustion Engineering Company for (30) years, retired from there in '96...

Just to go back a few years (to tie this all together, perhaps not to confuse you more than I already have), during mid-to-latter part of '60, while pursuing the music "thingy", Donna (Reed) Holden Byrd ('61 class) and I occasionally dated few times...She graduated, went off to MTSC, lost track of each other, went separate ways...Meantime, (30) years has passed, "no see", "no nothing"...Zero!!! ;-)

Now, to go forward, after not seeing, hearing, knowing each other's whereabouts, etc..., she and I, both divorced, were re-introduced in early '89, dating again, married 8/12/89 and currently still together (unbelievably, she still put up with me)!!!

Donna's been in realty business for (30+) years now, and upon my retirement in '96, she immediately celebrated it with me, by gifting me a retirement present of paying my tuition to real estate school fees, and no longer anymore "just hanging-out" (like I had at good ole C-E for 30 years), it was now gonna be "going to work", REAL ESTATE BUSINESS, 24/7's!!!

That my dear friends, concludes this ole "purple-pounder's" bio, although many, many chapters of my life's journey, you would not wish to know about, and by the grace, goodness of our loving, merciful savior, Jesus Christ, He's brought us through, and still here for us!

"Life is Good!"

My best wishes to you all, and truly looking forward to our "50th" reunion, later on this year...Hoping to see you all there!!!

Ok? :-) OK!!!

George (Peele) Byrd