Charles Day


2288 Edgmon Forest Lane
 Chattanooga TN
Home: 423-894-6304
Work: 423-698-3674



What teacher most influenced you?  
Coach Seaton
Which reunions have you attended?
20th and 30th....I think
Which did you enjoy most? 
The first one

Fondest memories of your days at Central:
The pep rally's and basketball & football games

My life since graduation:  
I started working in graphic arts shop in 1963, then worked in an engraving shop for 7 yrs. Started my own graphic arts or prepress business in 1970. Married in 1967 to Sharon Smartt (City High Graduate) we have 2 children a boy Charles W. Day, Jr. he is 32, my daughter Brande is 25. No grandchildren yet.

Update 1/26/2012

I have been married to a wonderful girl (Sharon L. Smartt) city high school, we have two children, Charles W. Day, Jr (Chip) & Brande L. Day. My son is married to one of my classmates daughter (Charlie Loverne) and has two children, Nolan R. Day, Natalie Hope Day. My son works for Lowe's as an estimator for home repair. Chip enjoyed a good tennis career in high school & college, was ranked as a junior player in the state.