Sandra Elizabeth (Ferguson) Lamb


4044 Hickory Fairway Drive
Woodstock, Georgia
Home 770-591-4528
Work 678-429-0049

What song most reminds you of your school days?
All the late 50s & early 60's songs bring back lots of memories of different events/situations.

What teacher most influenced you?  
Reba Lou Fults
Which reunions have you attended?
Which did you enjoy most? 
The only one I was able to attend

Fondest memories of your days at Central:
The Rotunda, football games with the Battalion, Anchors Aweigh events, and a few classes mixed among the fun things.

My life since graduation:  
40 years!! Where has it gone.....I married my husband almost a year after graduation.  He was on Polaris submarines at the time, and we moved a great deal.  Since he was rarely at home, I lived several places and spent much of those years waiting.  I lived in Connecticut a couple of times, Illinois, Virginia, New Hampshire/Maine, and South Carolina.  During those years of waiting, I began taking college nursing classes.  After Roger left the Navy, we lived in Chattanooga for a few years where he was employed with IBM.  We consisted of our daughter and son by this time.  In 1976, we were transferred to Atlanta.  We actually lived in old stomping grounds since I was born and lived in this area before moving to Chattanooga to graduate high school with some really great people.  I finally received Associate and Bachelor degrees in nursing somewhere along the way and worked many years in various nursing areas including a 10-year stint as an  Occupational Health Nurse with IBM.  About ten years ago, I received my Master's in Nursing as a Family Nurse Practitioner, and we moved to a small community in Cherokee Co. During these past ten years, I've been in practice with a Family Practice Physician in Canton.  It's great!  My patients bring me vegetables, cookies, cakes, etc.  Sometimes, they even pay their bills with money. 

     Our two children are now grown (???), and we have three grandsons who are sometimes socially adept.  In my spare time over the past 40 years (I still can't comprehend that!), I learned to play bagpipes and was in a Pipe and Drum band in Atlanta for some years.  I became very interested in genealogy long before computers appeared on the scene and now belong to the UDC, DAR, First Families of Georgia, Colonial Dames, etc....all those "societies" I once thought were for the blue-haired ladies.  I've also become attached to our horses.  Mine is a black Tennessee Walker named JEB (after J.E.B. Stuart of Confederate fame).  Sometimes we ride for hours on the trails looking for stray Yankees. I have even been an Army Reserve Nurse.  Desert Storm began and ended before I could get through Officer Basic and Security Checks.  I learned a great deal from those years, I can tell you!  The Medical Branch of the Military truly is just like MASH on TV. We definitely weren't soldiers. Maybe, I should have been in the Cavalry.  That's just as difficult to imagine.  Instead, I was assigned to a Combat Support Hospital and spent many weeks in the "field".  I am proud to say that, even without fires, I was able to have my cup of French Vanilla coffee every night as always.

     Besides working fulltime, the grandboys, and other things, my time is usually well-filled.  Retirement?   I wish!  Nursing is one field in which it's difficult to retire due to having to qualify for re-certification every few years with educational credits and current clinical experience.  I wonder if I'll ever get to the point of not having to take "classes".  I'm not quite ready for the rocking chair yet, but do often think of those really happy days at Central.  We were and are unique. I think of all of you often and send you a really big group hug.