Barbara Jean Gravitt



Home: 423-867-7448
Work: Retired No work phone


What song most reminds you of your school days?
Anything by Elvis & other artists from 60's

What teacher most influenced you?  
Miss Minnie Lee Morgan & K.W. Johns
Which reunions have you attended?

Fondest memories of your days at Central:
The wonderful school spirit, the pep rallies, singing "What a wonderful school is ours to love. . ." and feeling that sense of pride and the chill go down my spine like when I see the flag or hear Amazing Grace.  Also, there was a certain smell in the halls when they cleaned the floors that I will never forget, and who could ever forget the rotunda!

My life since graduation:  
Preparing myself for a secretary position I was very surprised to find a position at a most unlikely place Honest Charley's Speed Shop.  I didn't know a thing about car parts!!! However, it was a neat place to work and I was delighted to find myself working with some of my Central classmates, Norma Jean Lively and Carolyn McBride.

Later I met the most wonderful man at my church and he was handsome too.  He was a confirmed bachelor I heard, but God seemed to have rendered him deaf, blind and dumb, because after a couple of years, on our first date, this man ask me to marry him! I said YES!
James was a title attorney for Lawyer's Title here in Chattanooga and I had changed positions again and was an acquisition librarian assistant at the downtown library.  It was great fun, just like Christmas everyday opening all those brand new books I had ordered. I was there sixteen years and I thought that surely this was my career but, I had more living to do and would I ever be surprised.
Long story short . . . My dear James passed away in 1992 after a ten year battle with cancer.  He died the day before our 24th wedding anniversary. My mom had a stroke three months after James died and I found that once again I was a caregiver.  She lived six years.  I had retired on medical disability in l995 and was able to care for her during her last days.  I also learned about my career. . .I was a caregiver!!  I am not sure school could have prepared me for this, only life and God's grace. I am very blessed indeed.  I have a lovely 32 year daughter, looks like her dad.  She lives in Nashville and so far has not married, so I have no grandchildren, but she has given me a really sweet grand-DOG named Kismet who is a retired Champion Italian Greyhound.

I have often wished I could have known more of my Central classmates better, and I am looking forward to seeing you at the reunion.