Marshall Harris



41340 Orchid Drive
Prairieville, LA


What song most reminds you of your school days?
Our beautiful Alma Mater

What teacher most influenced you?  
My English teacher, Miss Mildred Major - I had her every year for English!
Which reunions have you attended?
25, 30, 40
Which did you enjoy most? 
all were great for different reasons

Fondest memories of your days at Central:
My amazing and talented classmates!  Hanging out with everyone at the Varsity.  All the great dances with so many beautiful girls.
Our 1962 Football Team went undefeated!!!  All our teams were winners!


My life since graduation:  
I did Carpenter work around Chattanooga before moving to New Orleans in '64.  Married in 66 and had 3 children. Holly, Marshall II, Hanz. divorced in 83. Remarried in 85. Got into printing like my father and have done that my whole career. I worked for small companies, then for nearly 17 years for the Dept. of Defense as an Offset Printer then a Digital Printer. Retired from that and am presently working for Charity Hospital as a digital printer.  I started a kite club in 1990 with a few friends and it's been a great time sharing ideas and learning about the history of kites.  I teach kite making to kids in schools and Boy Scouts and such groups.  I have helped organize several kite festivals in the past 12 or so years.  It is an amazing hobby that allows me to do my art and put it up in the sky to share with everyone.  My wife Sandra is retiring in February and we will be traveling around as long as we can. Just might see you at our Class of 1962 Reunion.

Update posted June 11, 2004

My wife Sandra and I are now well into retirement.  She retired first in 2002 from Chevron and I followed in 2003 from LSU medical.  (I know it's not nice to mention LSU to Tennessee fans, sorry) Every day is now considered as Saturday.  Yesterday was Friday and I don't have to remember it.  Tomorrow is Sunday and I don't have to think about going to work. 
I really enjoyed our 60th Birthday Party this year.  We celebrated with classmates at the Clarion on Friday night, then on the river cruise Saturday evening, then again with Champagne overflowing, at the 10th floor party at the Clarion Hotel.   Every class should celebrate their birthdays.  But don't wait until you're 60.  Do it for each decade or whenever it works out for your class.  Keep in touch with your classmates and you will be as richly rewarded as I have.  You will see that, though they have physically changed, their hearts are still the same as they were, when you were the best of friends all those years ago.  Our guys were the best and our girls the most beautiful.  All of us are pretty smart and talented and together, we are the Spirit of Central High School . . class of 1962.
It has been wonderful seeing my classmates.  Carol Sampson, Martha Jo Manning, Johnny Martin, Linda Tallent, David Bell, Sophia St. Clair Silvers, ( I love saying her name!) Ann Stancil, Wayne Long, Hal Manning, Libby Crabtree, Jim and Brenda Waldrop, Charles and Linda Grant and so many others. 
I am in touch regularly with Jack Scruggs and Benny Hartman, class of 61.  Two great friends that I haven't talked to in nearly 40 years.  They are still the same two best friends I knew from all those years ago.  So, do yourself a favor and contact your old classmates.  Send an e-mail, write them or call them.  Better yet, come to visit them at your class reunion.  Renew your old friendships and keep in touch.  One day you just might need them or they might need you.  Also, think about volunteering for your committee.  The more volunteers you have, the easier it is on everyone. 
I'm very grateful to our Class of 62 committee.  They have done wonders every year.  It seems our parties just get better each time.  Remember, it's not a good reunion, unless you are there! 
See everyone again in 2007 or sooner!!
Kindest Regards to all,
Marshall Harris

Update 3/20/2009

My address has changed, hopefully for the final time.  Sandra, my wife and I, moved to this little community after 2 years of waiting for FEMA to settle our financial problems.  We lived most of that time with Sandra's sainted sister Phyllis and her husband Donald.  Finally in August 2007, our new home was completed and we eagerly moved in.  We are planning a trip this April - 2009.  We will be cruising the Mediterranean with 14 other family members and friends for 17 days!

While reading my Senior Activities in my 1962 Champion, I noticed several
events were missing and thought I should mention them for the sake of my personal history at Central High.  So here goes!  I entered Central from East Side in 1958.  I was a member of the 1958-59 ROTC Drill Platoon.  However, on the day we were to go to Nashville for the competition, my dear Mom failed to get me up in time to get to Central to catch the bus.  I ran out of the house with my uniform and shoes to the corner to use the phone to call the school. ( we didn't have a home phone back then!)  I was too late!  The bus had departed without me!  Luckily, one of the officers, James Boatwright, took my place and rehearsed all the way to Nashville on the bus!  As a team, we didn't win, but I forgave my Mom after a day or two and was forever grateful that someone took my place.
I was the first and only Sophomore to be in the Junior play!  The teacher allowed me to make a choice for either the next year Jr. play or wait to be in my Senior year play.  I chose to do the Jr. play again.  So I was the only student in school history, to be in the Jr. play twice!  I was a member of the Varsity Glee Club from 1958 - 1962.  I sang bass in the boys Quartet all 4 years.   In 1962, I was voted Vice President with Peggy Griswold as President.  There is another story here, but it's not worth mentioning now.
I was the co-writer with Jack Scruggs (class of '61) for our 1962 Champion Night skit, "Dance through the Ages"  I also directed, coordinated and participated in the skit.  I recruited as many classmates as possible and their amazing Moms made all the costumes!
The Jazz Band played all the music for us.  I hope you will forgive me for bragging, but we were great!

I'm still here, so write me when you have the time.
Your old classmate,
Marshall Harris

Update 1/27/2012

One of the great things that's come about is my reconnection to some of my classwmates. Alan Walker, Ben Hartman, Jack Scruggs, Anne Stancil, Linda Tallant, Ginny Hendrix, George Byrd, David Bell and others. I hope the girls don't mind me using their maiden names. Just easier for me to remember. My wife Sandra and I, have been back to Chattanooga a few times and we got to attend the class of 61's reunion last year.
Like most everyone else, we are taking each day as it comes. We count our blessings and give thanks that we get through another day. We are looking forward to seeing everyone who can make it to our 50th reunion.
It really boggles this old mind that we are reaching this amazing time in our lives. I look back often at our years at Central with a smile. I also remember missed opportunities that probably were supposed to be missed and smile for the ones that were not missed.
If I could do it all over again, I'd try harder to be a better student and do my very best to make many more friends than I did. Still, I wouldn't trade a single friend that I did make.
When I look back, I remember all the girls were beautiful and smart and all the guys were smart and good friends.
I do wish I had taken photography classes and made a contribution to our school newspaper. However, all in all, it was a great time in my life that I will treasure always.