Lorraine (Holder) Bates


710 N. Farms Rd
Florence, Massachusetts
Home: 413-584-8439
Work: 413-585-4586

Email: lbates710@comcast.net

What song most reminds you of your school days?
Cathy's Clown

What teacher most influenced you?  
Willard Millsaps, Mrs.  Majors
Which reunions have you attended?
10th & 20th
Which did you enjoy most? 

Fondest memories of your days at Central:
Friends, Friday night slumber parties with the Nite Owls, football games,
and the rotunda.

My life since graduation:  
After graduating from UTC, I moved to Columbus, Ohio where I lived for eight years.
My two children, Sean age 31 and Kelly age 29, were born in Columbus.  Sean still remains a Buckeye fan.  After Columbus, I moved to Northampton, MA, where my son who is hearing impaired attended a wonderful school for deaf children.   I fell in love with New England and have stayed here for 25 years. I also fell in love with my second husband, Bob, who always keeps life interesting for me.  We have a small 25-acre ‘tree’ farm and I have four angora goats, two dogs, and three cats.  I have worked at Smith College for 20 years as administrative systems analyst.

While Sean is still a buckeye fan, Kelly graduated from Purdue another big ten school, shall I say more?

Bob’s children and grandchildren live in Texas.  Bob’s oldest son Gary is a minister and he performed the wedding ceremony for Kelly and Mike at their wedding in April.