John Carl Jarrard


207 Headlyn Drive
Hixson, Tn. 37343

What teacher most influenced you?  
Mr. Warton
Which reunions have you attended?

Fondest memories of your days at Central:
going to all the football games ,baseball and basketball and just having a good time.  I really enjoyed ROTC and shop classes most.

My life since graduation:  
I was in school 1 day and headed for San Antonio Texas the next after graduation.  I went to Basic Training in San Antonio at Lack Land Air Force base where I stayed for three months.  I finished Basic and went to Tech school at Amarillo Texas for another three months.  From there I was sent to Shaw Air force Base in Sumter S.C. till the summer of 1964.  From there I was transferred to Rhein Main Air force in Germany till the summer of 1967.  I met the LOVE of my life which I have enjoyed for 41 years this past July.  She is from Spain and was working in Germany at the time I met her.  We got married in July 1966 and lived there till June 1967.  We left Germany and came stateside and was stationed at Camp Douglas Wis. There we were blessed with two girls .  I decided I had had enough of the Service when they were about to send me to a remote site in Alaska,  I got out and came home to Chattanooga.  We moved back here in 1970 and I got a Job with the old Miller Smith Hosiery plant that closed within six months.  I built houses for 3 months and later found a Job at Kenco Inc where I worked for 35 years and 13 days.  While there I joined the Tenn National Guard and finished up my Military career of 23 years before retiring from it in 1992.  We have the two girls and 1 granddaughter which is 6 years old now.  We love to go fishing and just walking down by the new river walk.  Oh, I forgot we are big Flea Marketers we sell out back of the East Ridge market form spring to mid summer.  We have green houses and we sell flowers there.  Look for a big cab over white truck and a silver awning.  Hope to see you.