Lutricia (Joyner) Morris


1417 Sadler Road #329
Fernandina Beach, Florida
Home:        904 277 2110
Work:        904 277 2110


Which reunions have you attended?
My life since graduation:  
I went to work two days after graduation and have been working ever since with a few days off to have two children (Eddie 34 and Tina 29) 
Ed and I married in 1964 (my high school sweetheart, Ed Morris, class of 63).  We now have two grandchildren (Eddie's son, Brandon, age 12, lives in Texas with his mother and Tina's son, Parker, age 2).  Ed was with Coca Cola in Chattanooga as their Aviation Department Manager and Chief Pilot for 17 years and I bought and sold real estate and managed our 24 rental units and 3 coin laundries and 2 tanning salons, plus
traveled with Ed whenever possible.  Also, sometime in these years I thought I wanted to become a lawyer, started college but decided that was not what I wanted.  When Ed left Coke we sold all of our holdings and moved to New Jersey (what a mistake for a Southern girl).  Ed had taken a contract job with Paramount Studies flying out of Teterboro.  We stayed 1 year and felt that was long enough.  We did not want to go back to Chattanooga so we got in our motor home and headed South.  Stopped in Tampa to see some friends and stayed long enough to buy a
house and for me to go to school and get my real estate license (along with about every other person in Florida).  At this time Ed decided he was not cut out to be retired and took a part time flying job with a Saudi Prince.  After about six months in the Tampa area we were offered a business opportunity that seemed pretty good.  We moved to Amelia Island (just in case you never heard of this place, we are a barrier island north east of Jacksonville).  We thought we wanted to live on the beach so we bought a condo on the beach but decided that condo life was not for us. We built a house (we lived in Chattanooga for 48 years and moved only 4 times, left Chattanooga and moved 8 times in 10 years.  I'm tired of packing).  When the Prince wanted us to move to Saudi we decided that was not where we wanted to live even for a few years.  Now Ed has the retirement job.  He flies for two companies that allow me to travel with him to some very nice places (Aspen, Cancun, and Belize just this year). 

In between all of this I decided that I probably could use another license so I went to school and got my Community Association Management license.  I am also a notary in Florida, which allows me to perform weddings and I have been doing that for the past several years.  As I have been saying for a number of years, I can't decide what I want to be when I grow up.  I am now taking flying lessons so that I can fly with Ed on a full times basis.

The children have followed us to Florida so our family is not separated by hundreds of miles.  In a nutshell I think that about covers everything.  Some days are more exciting than others but all in all it's been a great 40 years and hope there will be at least 40 more.

See you at the reunion.