Sandy (Sky) Kaschimer




My life since graduation:  
 Last 40 years have come and gone pretty Mike said, lot of us lacked focus on what we were destined to do after high school, so I headed west, and spent a year in California, meeting new people and working.  At the time, I got word from the draft board that they planned on sending me notice.  I packed my few worldly belongings and headed back to Tennessee!

      I went down to the recruiting station and joined the Marines!!!  Twenty years later, I retired in '86 and settled in Tucson, Az. where my wife had an opportunity to transfer with the company she was working with at the time.  Since I've had fair knowledge of cars and parts most of my life, I went down and talked with Autozone about employment.

      Autozone afforded me the opportunity of learning the ins and outs of retail auto parts, and I spent 15 years with the company as a Store Mgr, District Mgr., and a Regional Recruiter......which was my niche in that business!!!  I loved interviewing and hiring personnel to work in the stores.  As of June 2001, I took an early retirement and currently I am doing things I've been trying to get done around the house for the last 10 years. Now I also have time (LOL), for some golf and fishing!

      My first love is woodworking, which there is never enough time... but I have been putzing around with it for last 30 years at least. I've made numerous things from toys to log furniture.  My therapy more than anything!!  Ha!

      As far as family, I married my wife, the same year I joined the service, and in those 35 years, had 2 children, who are now married and pursuing their own careers. I don't think they are in any hurry for no grandkids for now.  Frankly, I can wait, there's no hurry!!