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My life since graduation:  

Wonderful Life
by Wayne Lambert
(oops, that might be plagiarism!)

I would like to say that I moved from ages 17 to 24 without a glitch, but not so!  After graduation, one youthful bad judgment call, and a divorce five years later, I was drafted in November of 1968 and was sent to Schofield barracks in Hawaii and then on to the shores of the beautiful South China Sea.  I returned home from Vietnam in July of 1970, very grateful to step off that plane at Lovell Field and onto American soil again.

     After being introduced, dating briefly before Vietnam, and dating for three more months after I came back, the former Jana Smith Baird and I married in September of 1970.  A very good judgment call this time!  Jana resigned her job at TVA so we could make our home at Ft. Gordon, Georgia, to finish out my active duty time (I also remained in the Reserves for 25 more years).  After I was put on "Red Alert" during Desert Storm, as was our second oldest son, Jana convinced me it was time to retire from the Army as a Master Sergeant.  I worked for Mueller Company for over 17 years while earning my B.S. degree at Tennessee Wesleyan at night.  After finishing college, I worked for TVA for 11 years and have now been with Coca-Cola for 10 years in Quality Control.

     God truly has been good to us.  We love to travel (when time permits), go to antique markets, study genealogy, and maintain a small garden.  We have been members of Spring Creek Road Baptist Church for the past 30 years and hold several positions, which I consider to be a privilege.  We are planning to build our retirement home next spring.  Now, after 32 years of marriage, my wife and I have four wonderful sons and four terrific grandchildren.  We are looking forward to retirement, travel time with our family, rocking on the screened back porch, and watching our bluebirds building in their boxes!