Frederick Lee Lawing jr.


959 Gateway Ave. apt 1326
Chattanooga, Tenn
phone: 266 8210

What teacher most influenced you?  
Mr. Fletcher
Which reunions have you attended?

Fondest memories of your days at Central:
The most fun and carefree years of my life. Boy did time fly after high school.

My life since graduation:  
Right after graduation the next summer went to school at Erlanger Hospital School of Radiological Technical to study to become an x-ray technician. After graduation I married a Mississippi girl and moved to Huntsville, Ala.  Came back to Chattanooga in 4 years. Worked for orthopedic group and started my own x-ray business while working for different hospitals in the area. I am single now but I was blessed with 5 children and 4 grandchildren.