Lawrence Warner (Lonnie) Lepley

3014 Hedrick Street PH-5
Nashville, TN
Home: 615-269-8843
Work: 615-345-2203


What song most reminds you of your school days?
Anything by James Brown
What teacher most influenced you?  
Millsaps & Farmer, Harry Phillips got me through Math, as he frequently reminds me. 
Tom Aiken taught me flirting by example

Which reunions have you attended?
All of them.
Which did you enjoy most? 

Fondest memories of your days at Central:
The rotunda. The smell of the oiled hardwood floors. Riding to school with the Aiken brothers, pushing the old truck off every morning. The Friday Night Games especially-The City, Central Game. Our ROTC antics. Learning to dance in the gym. The rarely seen friends that have lasted a lifetime. The Parties. The Dances (formal and otherwise). Coach Farmers paddle. The Pep rallies.

My life since graduation:  
CAREER--I graduated from Pharmacy school, practiced for 10 years, appointed Ex. Director of the Tn Board of Pharmacy. Graduated from Law School. Worked as Lobbyist and General Counsel for Tn Hospital Association. Worked for a Medical Rehab Company (Rebound) for a period of time. Started My own company (Paragon Rehabilitation, Inc.) 14 years ago. We deliver Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy services in 140 facilities in 25 states. Sold the company 5 years ago. In process of buying it back.  Still President and CEO.

FAMILY-- Married Brenda Hicks from Tyner. Had two wonderful Children (Lauran & Reid). Lauran gave us two incredible and beautiful granddaughters. Luckily all live here in Nashville. Currently divorced. I love and am dedicated to my family. I workout every morning, enjoy golf, painting, writing & mountain climbing.