Joy (Lewis) Martin


5900 Whitebud Drive
Raleigh, North Carolina
Home: 919-8620300
Work: 919-781-3220       

What song most reminds you of your school days?
"Moon River" which I sang with the Swing Band our senior year.
What teacher most influenced you?  
Mildred Major & Mr. J. Pope Dyer
Which reunions have you attended?
Which did you enjoy most? 
The 25th reunion was great fun.

Fondest memories of your days at Central:
While at Central High, I remember meeting my friends at the Rotunda, spending many hours in the Glee Club music room, belonging to the Vagabonds and being an Usher.  For me it was a very special time and place.

My life since graduation:  
After graduation from Chattanooga Central, I earned my Bachelor of Music degree from Wesleyan College, Macon, GA. in 1966.  In July 1966, I married Edward P. Martin, class of '62 Electrical Engineer from GA Tech.  We lived in Decatur, GA (10 yrs) and Zionsville, IN. (22 yrs) and have a son, Brian, and a daughter, Laura. 

In 1998 we divorced and soon after I moved to Raleigh, NC, where I found a church organist position.  In 2002, I began teaching piano and learned of the Mayron Cole Group Piano method.  Once I was certified to teach this method, my business & teaching partner, Bonnie Walker, and I developed our private teaching studio, PianoRAMA, LLC.  Today we have 7 teachers on staff with 140 students per week.  We offer piano, guitar and voice lessons in group and private lessons.  Our "case sensitive" website address is:
 , where we have posted photos of the staff and some of our students along with all our class information.  I can honestly say I've never worked harder and had more fun.

Meanwhile, my favorite title is "Gramma Joy".  I have four grandchildren, Cameron and Sean Martin in Herndon, VA., and Alex and Diana Dobly in Garner, NC.  They have taught me "how to play" and bring "magic" into my life every time we are together.  I believe grandchildren are the reward we are given for being parents.
Life has taught me that the events which occur in our lives do not necessarily define us.  Rather, it is what we "do" with the unfolding of the events in our lives that can move us to claim our personal power,  our spiritual strength, and to share our gifts and blessings.  I am so very blessed for which I am truly grateful.  May it be the same for you, as well.