Carole Ann Mackey


PO Box 794
Morrow, GA
Work Phone: 770.991.1685


What teacher most influenced you?  
J. Pope Dyer
Which reunions have you attended?
10th & 45th
Which did you enjoy most? 

Fondest memories of your days at Central:
Hanging out at the rotunda, walking down the halls trying to look at the guys without them knowing it, great friends, social club activities, football games, the proms, passing notes in study hall, the smell of oil after the floors were "cleaned" and lots of laughter and tears!!

My life since graduation:  
I have lived in Atlanta, GA since March '64 when Bobby (Robert A.) Edwards (also class of '62) and I married. I was a stay at home mom for years and we raised 3 wonderful children, Paul, Denice and Wayne. After 25 years of marriage we decided to go our separate ways.

I attended Georgia State University, worked in various jobs from cashier at the high school to business manager of a psychiatric practice. I started my own business in the early 90's as a Certified life & business coach and training in communication skills (see

I have a 21 year old grandson Michael who on 9/26/07 became a father of a beautiful daughter--Juelz Larissah.

I moved to Scaly Mountain, North Carolina in 2003 with my (then) sweetie (Kurt Fisher) where we build a beautiful dream house (see I worked at The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center for two years. Kurt and I parted ways (but still remain friends) in February 2006.

I am now living back in Atlanta, GA and started my business up again.

For fun, I love to travel and take long "adventure" vacations.

I love to travel and went to Ireland earlier this year. Really like to take long "adventure" trips and a few short road trips in between.

My passions include my family, a love of reading & lifelong learning, protecting the environment, and building a healthy lifestyle which includes my practice (and teaching) of yoga and Pilates.
Love to hear from fellow Pounders...especially those who attended the was a blast. Sorry I missed the others in between.