Dottie (Meyer) Coakley


25 Harwood Avenue
White Plains, New York


What song most reminds you of your school days?
Soldier Boy
What teacher most influenced you?  
Bobbie Ruth Hodges
Which reunions have you attended?

Fondest memories of your days at Central:
Seeing everyone as they paid for their lunches;  football games; basketball games;
baseball games; meeting at the rotunda;  all the wonderful friends there.


My life since graduation:  
I was married in 1967 in Chicago to Jim Coakley but divorced in 1984.  However, we made two gorgeous people: Carrie, now 31,  and the mother of  the joys of my life, Little Carrie, 5, and Rob, 2 and a half.  They live in Manhattan so I get to see them often.   However, since September 11th,  they have mostly been at their home in the Hamptons.  John, age 28, just won first prize in a poetry  contest in the New York area.  To keep food on the table while he writes, he is a tutor for Interborough College in Manhattan.  His girlfriend was late to work on the 11th at the World Trade Center for which we are grateful.  I am currently the Director of Planned  Giving for the March of Dimes here in White Plains, NY.  When I'm not traveling, I run around in my bright red Toyota Celica and hang out with my two cats, Rusty Nail and Stargazer.  I attend the Unitarian Church here, sing in their choir, lead the Spirit of Truth group,  and volunteer at The Caring Circle, a group for bereaved children.  I have loved getting together with Central Friends every two years and keep in close touch with Carrie Jean Himes Thornbery.