Harry J. Phillips


P.O. Box 15214
Chattanooga, Tn.
Home: 423-309-0088
Work: 423-875-4444
What song most reminds you of your school days?
Alma Mater
What teacher most influenced you?  
Miss Major and Willard Millsaps
Which reunions have you attended?
all of 'em
Which did you enjoy most? 
25th I guess but enjoyed them all

Fondest memories of your days at Central:
I really enjoyed Central - 7th thru 12th or in my case the 13th. The rotunda, assemblies, lunch room, front lawn, drug store across the street, and the gym were favorite places to be. Friday night football, initiations, ROTC, and the post parties and dances by the girls' clubs were big time too.

Recall ripping off those stupid McCallie military hats, hockey packs, banging lockers, Mr. Dyer's silver dollars, Seaton and Farmer tearing up my butt w/those paddles, yearbook signing, that magnificent band playing, and skirting Lillie Schwartz's Latin class to get to that ice cream bar at the foot of the stairs.

Most of all I remember all us young people trying to figure out where we were going and how to get there. So many good people and so many more "could of been friends" if I had just paid attention to being a better friend myself.


My life since graduation:  
Unclaimed by the class of '62 and the class of '63, I graduated CHS Christmas of '62. Played minor role in Central state football champs of same year. Credentials - B.S. Univ. GA, Mstrs Univ. of TN., Dad of four boys, one daughter, and and grandfather of seven - all of whom I am very proud. Husband of two (the first wisely ridded herself of me after 31 years).

Undistinguished although eventful, satisfying, and happy careers. Principal of Tyner High School through 1985. I loved that job! Next, read a book by a guy named Donald Trump and followed the dream till the divorce of '93 when 'de judge passed the best part of that little empire to the better half. Read another book about the "underground economy" which directed me, replete with faked ID's and a no tax, cash only, do or die mentality, to the casinos of the Gulf of Mexico and Mississippi River. Took two years to parlay winnings into cash enough to move me into an Alabama dirt farm (neat hideout from reality). Another two years and 10 acre spread in North GA increased my holdings to near Tom Aiken, Lonnie Lepley, and Bill Thompson, beloved friends of yesteryear, status (Had to stretch a bit there).

Dick, trusted brother, put me in the medical review officer business two years ago. But alas, I read another book last year which fostered the launching of my most recent venture (assuming you don't count the latest love of my life)- buying and selling diamonds!

This has been a lot of fun. I loudly applaud Butch for creating and monitoring the website. The same for the reunion committee. I smile and congratulate each Centralite of 1962 wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Encourage you not to dally (first, fill this thing out and second commit now to the big 40). We had then and have now a reputation for loyalty and togetherness. I will be there - embellishing (never could spell that word) the old days and swapping handshakes and hugs (sorry, no diamonds) for all interested. Friends, Harry

Update ~ March 28, 2006
March of 2006 we opened a mortgage company which is what I do presently for earnings, work, and fun. Have now stumbled through two marriages and several careers and realize that paying attention to what my family (now two wives, two sons, one daughter, two stepsons, and eight grand children) and friends have to say and do is really pretty important. Anyway, I am ready for the second half. My brother, Dick, and sister, Robbie are both still around and doing well. Would like to hear from any who have time to call or email. Friends, Harry