Margaret Lynn Potter


4414 Byrd Avenue
Chattanooga, TN

What song most reminds you of your school days?
Hard to name just one.  "16 Candles" (and everything by Elvis).
What teacher most influenced you?  
Miss Shearer.  In high school I was so shy and afraid of being called on in class. She embarrassed students who did not know the correct answer.   Fear is such a great motivator that to this day, I still use shorthand.  And, of course, J. Pope Dyer (Sr. Trip).
Which reunions have you attended?
Only missed one, and have worked on the reunion committee five times.  

Which did you enjoy most? 
All were great!

Fondest memories of your days at Central:
The wonderful and unforgettable Rotunda, pep rallies, the ballgames, and the Senior Trip.  I prefer to forget algebra, biology, etc...
We sometimes laugh about being in the lobby of the Peppermint Lounge in NY on the senior trip, hearing "The Peppermint Twist" playing behind the guarded door, and none of us old enough to get in!  I don't know what in the world some 17-year-olds from Chattanooga, TN, thought we would do if the bouncer had let us inside that NY lounge!  How very naive can anyone be? But that was 1962 when we were young and without a clue!
When they demolished the old Central HS building, I was one of the lucky "Purple Pounders" able to rescue some bricks.  I still have them in a bookcase.


My life since graduation:  
Went to TN Tech in fall of 1962.  Married another Tech student.  Marriage survived his tour of Vietnam, living in different cities and bases, and some difficult times; but when life settled down and should have gotten better, we divorced.  Worked for Hamilton County government until bright idea of becoming a court reporter.  Went back to school, worked as reporter, hated it!  I work at Chattanooga State and am thinking about retiring in about three years - maybe.  Have lived in same house for 30 years, but am thinking about moving to a condo - maybe.  Just thinking about, and planning some life changes.  Love to travel and will possibly take the Panama Canal cruise this year.  Future plans include visiting remainder of States I haven't seen -- just a few more to go.  My daydream trip has been to ride the Orient Express from beginning to end.  Since 9-11, I really don't seem quite as eager to board a plane or ship! That awful day made a lot of us stop to count our many blessings and realize that we do live in the very best place.
During the years we have all changed, maybe moved around and made new friends and acquaintances, but several of us have kept in close touch over the years: Mary (Belk), Lynn (Simmons) and Pat (Suit) from '62, Judy (Jackson) from '63, and I have been getting together for years at Christmas for luncheons at each other's homes.  We like lunches, dinners, movies, trips, beaches, casino trips (ka-ching, ka-ching) etc... Janice (Morgan) from '62 and I get together for auctions, dinners and Long Island tea.  We've all shared weddings, divorces, births, and certainly enough funerals.
Do not have children but have two nephews, Greg and Jeff, and a new little great niece, Gracie.  My family and friends, my nephews and their families, light up my life.