Sophia St. Claire (Silver) Burwell




What teacher most influenced you?  
K.W. John
Which reunions have you attended?
The last 2 or 3
Which did you enjoy most? 
All, but liked the one on the mountain.

Fondest memories of your days at Central:
Trip to New Orleans with the chorus. The easy going atmosphere of the school. Mr. Millsaps enjoyed everyone's respect.

My life since graduation:  
My son has 2 little boys so I'm finally a grandma.  His family lives in Cleveland Ohio and he is the director of electrical engineering and computer science labs for Case Western Reserve.  I don't get to see my grandsons often enough.  My daughter is currently working on projects in Indonesia for IOM in tsunami relief.  Dudley hasn't retired and I'm still playing in the Huntsville Symphony.

Update 1/26/2012
Dudley has retired and still "consults" a bit. I'm still in the Huntsville Symphony, Rotaryann, meals on wheels volunteer and other fun groups. My daughter has been in Haiti for earthquake relief for almost 2 years now. My son is still at Case Western Reserve. We have been traveling a bit and hope to do more. Roll Tide !

Update 9/11/2014

Last year I retired from the Huntsville Symphony.  We have traveled to Israel, Jordan and Alaska in the last couple of years and plan another trip soon. 
Thank you to Butch for all the work on this site and to David and the committee for planning all the reunions.