Patsy (Suit) Von Schaaf


home phone:        (423) 876-0862
cell phone:        (423)

What song most reminds you of your school days?
The Twist,  or any Elvis song; or  Sweet little 16
What teacher most influenced you?  
I guess most of them did in one way or another.
Which reunions have you attended?
All of them and looking forward to many more.
Which did you enjoy most? 
From the 20th on...gets better with age!!!

Fondest memories of your days at Central:
My wonderful friends, especially the two Lynns (you know who you are) and Mary; also the youngster of the group, Judy (class of '63); we have remained BEST friends all of these years and still get together to celebrate Christmas, birthdays, or going to the beach. I also remember being terribly shy (today my friends & family laugh at such a thought!!). I also remember the great pep rallies, marching for "teacher, " hanging around the rotunda, and the senior trip.

My life since graduation:  
I married Stan Lewis shortly after graduation. Stan died in 1974 due to illness.  I enjoyed 9 years of ""single life"" and was fortunate to do a lot of traveling, etc. Married Phil Von Schaaf (City High graduate 1962) in 1983 and inherited a son, Chuck. I am now known as "Grammi" since I have a precious (and tremendously
smart) 3 year old grandson, Chase, and will be blessed by a second grandson, Carson,  in December, 2001. I am a Certified Medical Assistant with a Specialty in Administration.   Currently employed at Memorial Hospital in the Cardiac Rehab Department. God has truly blessed me with wonderful friends and family. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

Update ~ 11/23/2005:  It has been a while since I first completed this questionnaire so here's an update.  All-in-all, life has been running rather smoothly for me and my family.  Phil and & I have two precious grandsons who are growing "much too fast" for Grammi and Granddaddy.  Chase is 7 and Carson will celebrate his 4th birthday in December.  Our son, Chuck, has a wonderful ministry in Sidney, Ohio, as Children and Youth Minister.  We will be spending an early Christmas in Sidney (can hardly wait).  I continue to work at Memorial Hospital, but my office is based at Memorial North Park Cardiac Rehab (closer to home).  I continue to "oversee" the main campus office, but we have good staff there which makes my job a lot easier.  So if all is going well, I stay at North Park.  I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.  Hope to see you at the next "class of '62" get together.  Thanks, again, to Butch Poole for all he does!!!