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Patricia (Patty) Adams Thompson

6433 Waconda Point Road
Harrison, TN.



What teacher most influenced you? 
Ms. Shearer, Ms. Hubbard, Ms. Ogle, Mr. Millsaps
Who were your best friends at Central?
Peggy, Alva Jo, Donna, Elaine, Linda, Jane, many more
What is your most memorable experience at the reunions?
I really enjoyed renewing friendships and hearing old stories from many of you during the party at Bill and Linda's house.
What are your fondest memories of Chattanooga Central High School?
First of all...just the vastness of the school.  I came from a small "junior high" school to a great school.  Right away, though, I was welcomed into a group of junior and senior girls that helped with the transition.  Lots of memories cross my mind when it comes to Central!  You could not possibly forget the pep rallies, the football games and marching in the Battalion with the band at Chamberlain Field, and the parties after the games.  And always the favorite gathering spot...see you at the rotunda.
My Life Since Graduation
After  high school, instead of pursuing higher education (which I regret) I threw myself into the Chattanaoga work force as secretary for Tennessee Egg Company.  Thank you, Ms Shearer for all those tough classes in typing and shorthand. 

Steve and I married in 1969, and we moved to Murfreesboro.  There he continued working on his BS in business, and I was employed by International Paper Company.  After moving back to Chattanooga in 1970, Steve left for active duty in the National Guard while I worked again as Head Confidential Secretary for the Double Cola Company.  I realized somewhere along the way that I was meant to be a "secretary to someone" for the rest of my life.  So after many other positions, 3 children, and some time off for good behavior,  I settled in as secretary for the Harrison Elementary School.  This was my most favorite job of all times.  I loved working with great teachers who truly cared for childen...plus getting hugs from "little people" every day--who could ask for more!

I retired in 2007, and love filling my days with grandchildren, bargain shopping for "stuff" and just enjoying life.

Steve and I have 3 children, Melissa, Amy and Tyler...2 sons-in-law, Jamie and Matt...3 grandchildren, Helen Ann, Aubrey and Tanner.

Melissa is a RN with Hospice of Chattanaooga;  Amy is employed with Unum; and Tyler will graduate in December with his BS.  We are so proud of our children working so hard to receive their degrees...and look forward to watching our grandchildren take their place in our good earth.

Life is so good and God has been so good to me.