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Robert Reed Byrd


1175 Pineville Road, Apt. 21
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Home: 423-774-7900


What song most reminds you of your school days?  
"I Get Around" - The Beach Boys
What teacher most influenced you? 
All the ones who gave me passing grades.

Who were your best friends at Central?
Phil McGovern and Chris Gainger.
What is your most memorable experience at the reunions?
Everyone's positive outlook on life.
What are your fondest memories of Chattanooga Central High School?

My Life Since Graduation
Life after Central first of all included 2 years on academic probation at MTSU for me; with other Centralites Sandra Denton, Bryant Millsaps, Steve Thompson, Pat Cox and Raymond Adams also in attendance.  There might have been other Centralites there, but I really donít recall.  It was all kind of a blur.  At any rate, July of 1967 found me in the United States Navy aboard the destroyer USS Keppler in Newport, Rhode Island where I remained for about 2 more years.  Having seen the error of my ways, in 1969 I returned  to college (this time UTC), and I graduated in 1972 with a degree in Psychology.  In 1976 I went to work for the Tennessee Board of Probation and Parole where I remained for 30 plus years before retiring.  I also reenlisted in the Naval Reserve (Naval Intelligence), and in 2002-2003 I was mobilized for Operation Iraqi Freedom, and sent to London for almost a year.  Somebody had to do it.  I am now retired from the Naval Reserve after about 27 years of service.  I have also worked for Suntrust Bank, and The Internal Revenue Service, but I am currently retired.   I was married and divorced once, and I have a daughter and 2 grandsons who live on Signal Mountain.  Iím still living in Chattanooga, and thankfully in good health (I hope).