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Judith Ann (Downer) Hoell


1202 Cobblestone Ct. #302
Milford, Ohio


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What song most reminds you of your school days?  
Oh my goodness, there were so many. I guess I'd have to say "Sixteen Candles"
What teacher most influenced you? 
K.W. John; I LOVED him, he was a father figure, and Morris Bales, the "leader of the band". He used to get me out of 7th period to come down to the band room and jam, trumpet and piano--the man could PLAY!
Who were your best friends at Central?
Mostly, Peggy Gilley.....we looked cool riding in her convertible with the top down!
What is your most memorable experience at the reunions?
Seeing how some things never change
What are your fondest memories of Chattanooga Central High School?
The Pep Rallies, Girls' Battalion, football games, the social clubs, lots of fun, then extreme turbulence....married at 15, (stupid), walking back into Central High after having to stay out of school for a year, mandatory, (medieval laws), divorced, scared to death of how I'd be received, (kids can be very cruel, as you know), and how kind and welcoming people were to me. I OWE YOU, Steve Thompson--you were one of the first people I encountered on the stairs, and you smiled and said, "Hi, Judi". It was a pivotal moment in my life, and I've never forgotten it--you gave me courage. I breathed a hopeful sigh of relief and thought, "maybe it won't be as bad as I thought", and it wasn't.  I've always been so grateful to you for that.  I also remember playing for our assemblies, and singing with the Swing Band--and thanks, Janie Young, for remembering "San Francisco".
My Life Since Graduation
I took my musical show "on the road" immediately after graduation and traveled extensively throughout the U.S. for 6 years, booking through ABC out of Chicago, worked many wonderful nightclubs, did some TV, radio, some recording--had a terrific time, and got to see a lot of the country. Met my husband through my work, and we eventually settled in Cincinnati. He was from Germany, wonderful guy, and we had a long and happy marriage, traveled the world, and had a great life together. He passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly, in 2008. We have two great kids, a daughter who is an attorney, and a son who's a mechanical engineer. I have 2 beautiful grands, a boy, and a little girl who shares my birthday. Music has been my grand passion in life, and I continue to sing and play professionally here in Cincinnati.  Life has been very good to me.....and it goes by WAY too fast.