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Lynda Lee (Green) Davis

790 Dockery Lane SE
Cleveland, Tn.



What song most reminds you of your school days?  
Sugar Shack
What teacher most influenced you? 
Mildred Majors, J Pope Dyer, Bobbie Ruth Hodges
Who were your best friends at Central?
too many to list
What is your most memorable experience at the reunions?
haven't attended any but would like to
What are your fondest memories of Chattanooga Central High School?
Great football and basketball games....great spirit.  I haven't experienced anything like it since....the middle and high schools just don't have what we had.  Teachers that really taught us something, again things just aren't the same in schools today.  I remember silly things like Ms. Majors having us tap out pencils on the desk, in the dark, as she read "The Raven".  Or Miss Hodges moving me into the midst of 4 talkative boys to keep them quiet and the noise only got worse.  Being an usher and getting out of class early to stoll the halls....I mean go to our post timely, of course.  Being tapped for the National Honor Society....great friends and good times.
My Life Since Graduation
Life didn't go exactly as I had planned, no college degree just a failed marriage.  But I jumped right back on that horse and married the most wonderful man on earth.  We met at church and have continued to attend and work for the Lord.  I had a 7 year old daughter and he had 4 children from ages 8 months to 9 years when we met.  We raised all 5 together both our spouses passed away and we crossed adopted all 5(2 girls and 3 boys)....John has always said that if I get ready to leave that I have to give him time to pack that he was leaving with me....life has been wonderful for the last 32 years!!! We now have 13 grandchildren and soon to have our second greatgrand child.  Their ages range from 6 months to 22 years old.  Out of the seven natural grandchildren we have 6 boys and 1 girl.  I retired from 30 years with UNUMProvident in 2004 and started working at our local elementary school....I substituted all but 7 days last school year and this year is really adding up....I knew I
 wanted to be a teacher.  If I am not subbing I am volunteering.  If you haven't tried it you should our teachers need help.  I never realized how much.  My husband retired in 2006 and he is devoting most of his time to Tennessee Disaster Relief.  We spent a lot of time in Mississippi, Louisana, Alabama and Texas after Katrina hit.  I went on two of his trips, I didn't see much of him for a year.  We have made many friends all over the place through this ministry.  I serve locally as a S/S teacher and worker with our local Bradley Baptist Association.  I even work with our local Spanish community teaching them English.  Again, my life could not be better....