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Vicki S. (King) Forgey

Vicki King

8927 Leamon Road
Harrison, TN
Home Phone: 423 344-8357


What song most reminds you of your school days?  
I Can't Get No Satisfaction #1 hitsong in 65
What teacher most influenced you? 
Mildred Majors
Who were your best friends at Central?
Lynda, Janie, Bryant, Calvin, Helen
What is your most memorable experience at the reunions?
Meeting old friends
What are your fondest memories of Chattanooga Central High School?
football, baseball and basketball games, sorority parties after the football games; classes & friends;  various activities - proms, football pep rallies;  "Mr. Fifteen"
My Life Since Graduation
Married to Charles Forgey; he has two children, Allen and Ellen Forgey.  Allen is married to Jill, they have three children;  Sam, Amy & Will.  Ellen is married to Keith Pruett and they have two daughters; Jessica & Gracie.  I have two sons, Doug and Scott Matheny.  Doug is married to Janice.  They have three children;  Lena, Aiden and Lola.  Scott is married to Angie, they have two & 1/2 children.  Jack and Jordan, the baby is due December 3.  Currently we have ten grandchildren, we love being with our children and grandchildren.  They all live in Chattanooga.  My husband worked at Combustion for 12 years and owned the Radio Clinic on Brainerd Road for about thirty years.  He repairs and does conversions on "old car radios" from all over the country.  He is also employed at Home Depot at the Hixson location.  I have worked in Human Resources for Planter/LifeSavers for 10 years and also for FLR Hosiery/Star Hosiery for 10 years, and Dynatronics in Ooltewah for about a year and a half.  For the last five years.   I am a full time homemaker and have kept four of the grandchildren, I currently keep two of them.  My mom and dad have both passed away and I did not have any siblings.  Charles and I are both involved with our church, Bayside Baptist.  A lot of the travel we do is with the church.  We have very little free time but maybe someday we will retire!