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Ronald Walter Lance

Ronnie Lance

16118 Capri Drive
Jersey Village, Texas
Home: 713-937-9161



What song most reminds you of your school days?  
In the Midnight Hour, Shout & Stranger on the Shore
What teacher most influenced you? 
Mildred Majors, Rebecca Haskins
Who were your best friends at Central?
Many in several grades, but mostl;y Gary Pease, Gary Cawood, Bobby Johnson , Miss Averitt, Miss Gass, Miss Condra
What is your most memorable experience at the reunions?
At the twentieth reuion, seeing how much the guys had changed and how much the girls had not: finding out that Mr. Millsaps, by watching the evening news, knew about the spring day we all skipped school and went to the lake.
What are your fondest memories of Chattanooga Central High School?
Where to begin ?!!! I was a Central High legacy. My brother is Eddie Lance, captain of the State Champion 1957 Purple Pounder Football Team.  Instead of taking me to the start of 8th grade football practice at East Ridge High School, he plopped me down in front of Stan Farmer. Thus began my days at Central (too bad I wasn't one tenth the athlete he was).

I remember the time, on my haste to the lunch room from the third floor, I flattened the Hall Monitor, who would later become my sister-in-law! Of course, I also remember the football/basketball games, the social club parties afterwards, the student council picnics at the lake, the class proms with Mr. Bales Orchestra at the Read House Ballroom, ROTC, The Key Club, the day the ceiling collapsed, the Bellamy Award celebration and the young lady from Iowa I met there. Most of all, I remember the pride of being a part of such a prestigious school with such a glorious history, teaching/ administrative staff, and 1800 students who only goal was to continue those hallowed traditions.

My Life Since Graduation
After Central, I attended the University of Tennessee gaining a BS degree in Business Administration. It was there I met my wife of 41 years, Roberta DeMarcus. Following a year in Law School, I served 8 years in the Army Reserve, reaching the rank of Captain. I spent the next 33 years in sales and management in the industrial/medical gas industry. For A few years, I had my own marketing company (too much stress). Until my retirement in October 2009, I procured equipment for foreign oil/gas exploration companies. We lived in Tampa, Atlanta and ,for the past 30 plus years, in suburban Houston, Texas. Through the auspices of my wife's career with British Airways, we have been able to travel widely in Europe. We have been blessed with three children: Karen(35) BA-Univ. of Houston. Owns/manages Salon/Spa; David (31)BS-Texas A&M. Computer Guru( married- Reed (5 1/2) & Claire(1 1/2)); DeAnn (29) BS- Texas A&M. Teaches 5th grade Math & Science.

We have spare bedrooms, pool, spa, outdoor kitchen, exciting city--If you are in the Houston area, stop by and visit!!