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Bryant Jarrett Millsaps

119 Haddaway Drive
Hendersonville, TN
Home: 615.826.3582
Work: 615.376.3140

Personal: bryantmillsaps@bellsouth.net

What song most reminds you of your school days?  
The 12th of Never & The Twist
What teacher most influenced you? 
Mildred Major, J. Pope Dyer, Stan Farmer
Who were your best friends at Central?
I was blessed with many.  But the ones that come to mind immediately are Ken Hudson, Ernie McCarson, Mike Randolp, Max Smith, Gary Cawood, Pam Meyer, Judy Neport, Russell Dugger, and Bill Carter.
What is your most memorable experience at the reunions?
Getting to see classmates, meet their spouses, and getting caught up on everybody's life.
What are your fondest memories of Chattanooga Central High School?
The incredible school spirit;

The pride of being able to play football for Central;

The rotunda pep rallies, like the one before the Bradley Central game in the fall of '64;

The intercom radio station WPAG "Wonderful Purple and Gold";

The fresh rolls that Mrs. Castle and the ladies in the cafeteria made;

The ushers and Miss Cross;

Watching Coach Seaton "observe" the first floor hall during lunch;

"2 bits" being lead by Daddy and Mr. O'Neal;

The Bellamy Award ceremonies;

Going through the court yard door between the auditorium, cafeteria, and the shop area after a basketball game and having George White and Gary Quarles tell me that President Kennedy had been shot and was believed to be dead;  

The ceiling caving in on the 2nd floor during 5th period lunch while the Hamilton County Board of Education was having lunch in the formal Reception Room in the Home Ec. Dept. by the north side door.  (One of the Board members said that he knew Central needed either serious repairs or a new school but the he never thought that Daddy would go to the extreme of blowing up the building with the School Board in it;

The no smoking bathrooms;

The incredible faculty;

Doing the Friday walk-through practice on the baseball field during the fall and being able to hear the pep rally going on in the auditorium;
Sam Stoner and the clothing drive;

Jack Archer saying that he thought that Mr. Stoner got his clothes from the clothing drive;

Going to Mr. O'Neal to ask him what he thought I needed to do to get Daddy to let us have a local rock and roll band for our commencement dance.  He told me not to bring it up unless I could answer all of Daddy's questions. I followed his suggestions and we had the Invictas with Pete Wingate and George Clinton (Brainerd '65);

Being on a Meninac Bowl Championship team ('62);

Finishing 9-1-1 in football after starting off 2-1-1;

Losing to Tullahoma 14-12 and tying Kingsport 0-0;

Beating Soddy-Daisy in the last game of the season to win the HCL Football Championship;

Getting my head shaved in a checkerboard pattern when I was inducted into the "C" Club, and;

Making life long friends that I still enjoy to this day.
My Life Since Graduation
After graduating from MTSU in '69, I have done the following:

Taught World History and Tennessee History at Soddy-Daisy Jr. H. S.;

Sold class rings and graduation supplies for the L.G. Balfour Co.;

Served as Director of Alumni and Government Relations at MTSU;

In '75, received my Masters of Education with a major in Secondary School Administration and Supervision;

In '78, took a temporary leave of absence from MTSU to serve as Assistant to the Speaker and Assistant Chief Clerk of the Tennessee House of Representatives;

In August, '79 was awarded the Doctor of Education degree with a major in Higher Education Administration from the George Peabody College of Education of Vanderbilt University;

In '83 elected by the House of Representatives to serve as Chief Clerk;

In January '90, elected by the Tennessee General Assembly (House and Senate) to serve as Tennessee's Secretary of State;

In 1994, began a new company called Tennessee Property Inspection Company.

In 1995, elected by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission to serve as their Executive Director;

In 1997, became Vice President-Consulting of Oosting and Associates, an academic program consulting firm specializing in Bible Colleges and Seminaries across the United States and Canada.  It was during this year that I surrendered my life to full time vocational ministry;

1998-Joined the staff of the Tennessee Baptist Children's Homes. 

2000-Named by the Board of Trustees of the Tennessee Baptist Children's Homes as their President/Treasurer.  I continue to serve in that role today.

I am married to Robbie (Dorsey).  We have 3 grown children: Stacy (38), Jarrett (36) and Kari (32).  We have 6 grandchildren: Grace (15), Jacob (6), Faith (6), Luke (4), Turner (4), and Caleb (3).  We are anticipating #7 in April of '09.

Robbie and I are heavily involved with both our personal and our church family.  We enjoy traveling together when we can and being grandparents.  When I am not preaching or attending to the affairs of the Children's Homes (28 homes at 7 locations from Memphis to Kingsport), I try to play as much golf as I can.