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Cheryl (Nethery) Turner


622 B Whispering Hills Drive
Nashville, TN
Home: 615.832.2668
Work: 615.291.6380 ex 1306


What teacher most influenced you? 
Miss Derryberry
What are your fondest memories of Chattanooga Central High School?
I remember walking to English from a Basketball game as we heard that JFK was dead. 

We won the Francis Bellemy Award (he wrote the pledge to the flag). 

I remember a bomb scare during Art when I was up to my elbows in wet clay.  By the time we finally went back into the building, the clay had dried; and I looked like I had some dread skin disease.  Then there was the fire drill that was no drill.  Remember the grease fire in the kitchen? 

I got an Art award. 

The talent shows were fun.  Peggy Stringfield and I did a stand-up comedy act for one of them.  I don't remember if that was before, after or between her other acts singing "I Feel Pretty" and "John Kennedy" 

Do you remember the cafeteria lady asking each of us, "And what will you have?"
My Life Since Graduation
I went to Tenn Tech Univ. and got an Elem. Ed degree in 1969.  There I met and later married Nelson Turner from Madison, TN.  We spent his military time in OK, GA, and NC.  Then he got a seminary degree in Church Music.  Along the way we had four children and worked in churches TN, NY, NJ, MD, then back to TN.  He went back to Tenn Tech and got an EDS; so now we are both teachers.  I teach Kindergarten at Fall-Hamilton Enhanced Option School in Davidson County and Nelson teaches middle school science and coaches track at Woodland Middle School in Williamson County.

We had a son and daughter, waited a decade and had another set.  Our boys, Jesse and Toby, are each helping manage businesses, the older girl, Melissa, is a rocket scientist, and the youngest child, Beth, is getting a masters in Biblical Exegesis.  She will soon be the last to marry.

With the kids all gone (it only took 42 years), we are beginning to finally remodel the house.