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Central  1965  Digest

March 2008

We’re the best there is alive; we’re the class of ‘65

From the editor:

Hope this finds all of you doing well. 

The first day of this year saw my son, Bradley, move back to Texas to head up his Air Guard unit while most of its members are deployed to Guantanamo.  Also in that capacity, he is heading up a Center of Excellence for Emergency Management.  Oh well, I did enjoy seeing him more often while he was in Athens, GA.

Thanks to several committee members, I have been given the role of program chairman for our class.  What this means is that about every three or four months, we will have meetings in which different classmates will speak and enlighten us with their knowledge of topics of interest to us.  The first person I plan to ask is Tonia Frazier Hooker (look for an e-mail soon, Tonia.)  She has offered to speak to a group of us regarding health care for the elderly.  Since so many of us are in that phase of our lives right now where we are having to care for elderly parents, we felt it could benefit a lot of us.  Tonia has spent her career in the nursing home field and has her own consulting company.  When our first meeting is set up, I’ll send out an e-mail and let you know the details.  If you are willing to speak to our class and impart your wisdom with us, please let me know.   And guys, keep it clean!!                (Continued on page 2)



Minnie Lee Morgan Hooker


DENVER, N.C. -- Minnie Lee Morgan Hooker, 92, of Denver, North Carolina and formerly of Chattanooga, died Tuesday, Dec. 25, 2007, at her home after a lengthy illness.


She was the widow of Ralph Hooker, of Hot Springs, Arkansas; and the daughter of the late Hon. Fletcher R. Morgan and Agnes Morgan, of Chattanooga.


Mrs. Hooker (Miss Morgan) taught English at Chattanooga Central High School for 41 years prior to moving to North Carolina.  She also taught English at South Iredell High School for four years.  She was a member of Holy Spirit Catholic Church.


Graveside services will be held in Greenwood Cemetery in Chattanooga at a later date.




The mother of our classmate, Tony Henson, passed away on Nov. 27, 2007.  Tony and I were friends, and we also rode the bus together.  I called him to express my sorrow for his loss. 

Max Smith



Tommy Ronald Fryar Jr., 39, the son of Tommy Fryar, Sr. (class of 1964) died Friday, February 29, 2008. 
He was a graduate of Ooltewah High School Class of 1987 and attended UTC where he was a member of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. He was employed at Alston & Bird, an Atlanta Law Firm. 
Condolences may be sent at www.heritagefh.com 


From the editor (contd from page 1)       Another suggestion I received was to begin a singles group for our class.  If you are single, please let me know and I will organize a group for you and get you all together.  W. L. Goodman has very graciously offered to head up this group.  I think that is very nice of him; don’t know what his wife thinks.

We are already beginning to make plans for our reunion in 2010.  This reunion will be different and it will, hopefully, be the biggest and the best.  Please send us suggestions on what you think would make this reunion a really fun time. 

There will be a cruise probably in early summer 2010, followed a few months later by our regular reunion.   Patti Averitt Gross, Carol Franklin McCamish and W. L. Goodman are the cruise committee.   I’m sure they would welcome your preferences on dates, destinations, cities of departure, cruise lines, etc.  Two other items to consider are (1) Do you prefer to get to the departure port on your own, or would you prefer that we charter a bus and everyone leave from Chattanooga together or all fly together on the same plane from Chattanooga?  (2) Would you prefer to spend more time on the cruise ship or more time at the destinations?

You can go onto my website and check out the different cruises, then e-mail Patti, Carol and WL to give them your thoughts.  They will then take these suggestions and make the decisions which will best accommodate the wishes of the majority of us.  http://smiley47.global.travel.com

Please send your comments to them at:   pattig144@msn.com cmccamish47@cs.com wlg@officecoordinators.com

The next newsletter will be published in June, so please send me your news.  I truly love hearing from you.  I am also attaching the latest e-mail list for your use in contacting our classmates.  Don’t wait for anyone on the list to contact you.  Write to them first. There may be someone on the list you didn’t know in school, but would have liked to know.  We’ve all gone through enough problems in our lives and those things have given us the confidence to reach out to others without the fear of being rejected.  Go ahead, introduce yourself to someone on the list and make a new friend.

Linda Smiley Wilson



Keep up with Pat and Jerry Mayfield by logging on to the following website, then clicking on journal:




Grace Ehmler Dalton

I wanted to let those know, who don't already know, that my daugher, Wendy, was admitted  into the hospital on February 11, 2008, with chest pains and dizziness..  For those who don't know or remember, Wendy had open heart surgery at age four to repair a hole in her heart. 

Wendy was having heart fluttering and her heart rate was way too high.  The doctors did a procedure on Friday morning similar to a cardiac catherization called a cardiac ablation.  This was successful in getting the heart rate back to normal.  We learned that there is still something not right with the way the heart is beating and they put  in a pacemaker. 

They said all looks good and she was under no restrictions except she isn’t to raise her left arm above her shoulder for three weeks.  She is now at home.

Thanks for all your prayers.  I think she will be fine.  We are still waiting to see if Medicaid comes through to cover the costs, so we can continue to pray for that.  She has been married ten years and has three children at home.     Hugs, Grace


Linda Lewis Crossley


On January 19, 2008, I went through a second surgery on my neck.  I am now on permanent disability so my career at the RR is over.  It was a good one that lasted 28 years, but I can't go back and sit at a computer all day as that is what damaged my neck

Nancy McMahan Bovell


While I don't make it to the "gatherings", I do so enjoy hearing about everyone.


It's so sad to hear of the passing of our old friends, but it's offset by the good news of all the new grandbabies.


And since I'm sure you're asking: I have four. My daughter, Samantha, has two (a boy and a girl).  They are living in El Paso and waiting for her Army hubby to return from his 2nd Iraq tour.


Our son, Robb, also has two (one of each). He lives in Nashville with wife and our newest grandbaby, Jude. Robb's daughter lives in England with her mother.





Lindia Caldwell & Bill Harless


Lindia and Bill Harless and grandsons


High school sweethearts, Lindia Caldwell and Bill Harless married in 1968.  They have three children: Mary, Will and Laura and three grandsons.


In addition to caring for the children, Lindia has also worked at TVA, had her own tennis clothing business and antiques business, did substitute teaching and worked at the firm of Deloitte and Touche. 


Bill has spent his career as owner and manager of Metal Craft, a machine shop.  He and Lindia both enjoy dealing in antiques and make frequent trips to flea markets and antique shops.




Joe Meadows


I retired from the Chattanooga Fire Department in 2002 and now I'm an insurance agent with Liberty National. I'm in the same office with Phil Metcalf.


I served 28 years and retired as a captain. My wife, Glenda, and I came to the 20-year reunion but seems like something else has always come up since then.


We built a home not long before my retirement on the mountain in Lewis Chapel community (Sequatchie County) on a private lake. Nothing around us  but woods, clean air and peace and quiet. It's amazing how much brighter the stars are up here with no street lights or cities near.


Glenda is the office manager at Thundercreek Harley-Davidson and we ride a lot. I am also a member of the Patriot Guard and ride in funeral processions for our fallen soldiers.


We have five children and ten grandchildren.



W. L. Goodman is doing well following his recent heart attack.




Virgil Anderson

In October 2006 the four-year-old granddaughter of Virgil Anderson  was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor. It grew upward and was near her pituitary gland.  During the week of Thanksgiving 2006, she was operated on at Vanderbilt.  They learned that the tumor was treatable and curable and began chemo.

December 2006 an MRI showed that the tumor had shrunk. 

February 2007:  MRI showed the tumor had decreased by 50%.

March 17, 2007:  MRI showed tumor completely gone.

She continues to be checked every three months, and there is still no tumor.

All across the country prayers went up for this little girl and that is what Virgil and his family credit for such a speedy healing.  They very humbly thank God for this miracle.

Virgil went into the U. S. Army in 1966 and served two years.  He and wife, Clara, have been married 40 years (since August 1968)  and have two children (a boy and a girl) and four granddaughters.

Virgil is retired from Combustion Engineering and loves spending time with his family.


Spencer Harris newsletter – Dec. 2007

We hope this Harris family update finds you and yours in good health and spirit.  We’ll have a full house during the Holidays and here’s what we’ve all been up to during the past year(s).


Spencer, Jr. will have a week off from commercial diving school in Houston.  He and Carrera drove to Houston in September and moved him into an apartment in S.E. Houston near the Ocean Corp diver training facility.  Both kids enjoyed reacquainting with our old friends from Calgary, the Hutchings who live in nearby Kingwood, Texas.  Spencer is scheduled to finish in May of 2008 and will likely seek employment in the oil related, off-shore industry.  Spencer spent last summer at home and led the pack with his wakeboarding skills.  (We rediscovered our passion for boating with the acquisition of a new tournament ski boat and found several good ski lakes in spite of the low-water conditions in Central California).


Carrera will have a three-week break before her final two quarters at Northwestern.  She resigned her position of co-captain of the swim team as her shoulder injury continues to prevent her from swimming competitively.  She also spent last summer at home and interned at Aera Energy (company Spencer consults for) in the contracts and procurement department.  Carrera will receive her B.S. in Communications in June and is pursuing admission to graduate school at the University of Southern California (Los Angeles).  She is currently busy with applications and interviews for intern positions in Chicago during the winter and spring quarters.  Carrera continues to help with the NU swim team assisting the coaches and supporting her teammates.


Tammy is busy with the farm preparing the orchard for re-planting in January.  Our original trees were planted in 1986 and had essentially reached the end of their economically useful life.  She continues to excel in her farm management role coordinating removal of the old trees, ground preparation, nursery stock acquisition, irrigation design and even hustling some Federal aid money for water, nutrient and pesticide conservation with the new irrigation system.  Tammy enjoys sporting about in her new Land Rover (which she’s wanted since our time in Africa) and was the driving force behind the ski boat purchase last summer.  The kids have a time keeping up with her on skis and/or wakeboard, but then she’s still just a youngster herself.


Spencer is still grinding away in the oil patch (trying to make enough money to get back home to Tennessee) consulting for Aera Energy - California production company owned by Shell and Exxon/Mobil.  Aera is extremely active (go figure at $100 a barrel) and is on schedule to drill about 800 wells per year for at least the next couple years.  Spencer enjoys the challenges of the activity level and his two-week on and one-week off schedule.  No Porsche racing for the past couple years since the bulk of the pit crew packed up and moved away from home – now down to one concours d’elegance per year with the local Porsche club.  Spencer’s new addiction is pocket knife collecting (mostly Case and Case Classics) and enjoys watching Tammy roll her eyes when the postman drops off priority mail packages.

We’re planning a road trip to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon while the kids are home on break.  They’ve never seen the GC and we plan to catch a couple of shows in Vegas along the way.  We wish for you a safe and joyous holiday season hope to see you soon.

Spencer Harris




We’re beginning to get a good contact info list of our classmates; however, there are 39 that we have no clue as to how to find.  Please look over this list and, if you know there whereabouts of any of them (or their kinfolks, etc.) let me know. Thanks.                    Linda


Greg Anderson

Janice Anderson (Ivey)

Kenneth Baker

Jody Bell (Wilkerson)

Gloria Benson

Carl Booth

Shirley Bost (Crabtree)

William Dowling

Jimmy Duck

Judy Dugger (Gray)

Donna Dunn

Janis Dyer

Gary Freeman

Peggy Goss (Carter)

Regina Hayes (Clonts)

Lorene Hill

Eleanor Hobson

Joyce Jenkins

Tommy Johns

Don Lamb

Linda Lavvorn

Sharon Lawrence (Roberts)

Janie Lenn (McCulloch)

Bernard Lewis

Brenda Lewis

Wilburn Long 

Jim Long

Buddy Long

Mike Lyons

Diane Mulkey

Cheryl Netherly (Turner)

Jane Ruffner (Perkins)

David Satterfield

Richard Saylors

Diane Simmons

Becky Stout (Winston)

Richard Strickland

Norman Webb

Helen Yother



Words of Wisdom

from Dave Barry, nationally syndicated columnist.  (I think at our age, however, we’ve probably already learned most of these lessons the hard way.)


Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.


Nobody cares if you can’t dance well.  Just get up and dance.


Never lick a steak knife.


The most destructive force in the universe is gossip.


A person who is nice to you, but rude to a waiter,  is not a nice person.



There are only a few biographies on our website.  Please take a few minutes to go to www.chattanoogacentral65.com  and add your bio.  It’s not necessary to have a current photo at this time.




If you can read this, thank a teacher.  If you can read it in English, thank a military veteran.