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Central  1965  Digest



September 2008


We’re the best there is alive; we’re the class of ‘65





From the editor:

Sadly, I seem to have a lot of obits to publish in these newsletters.  Please send me your good news also (like the article in this issue regarding Kathy Shields), so that it will offset the sad news.  I know you all have grandkids that you can brag about, or fun trips you’re making, or wild and crazy things you’re doing.  Maybe you’ve been scuba diving or sky diving or cruising to Alaska, maybe you’re writing a novel or maybe you’ve retired from all the madness and are finally able to just sit on your duff.  Maybe you’re running for public office or you’ve just won a Nobel prize.  Just let me know and I’ll publish it. 

Enjoy the newsletter – and if you have any suggestions for ways I can make it better, please let me know. 

                           Linda Smiley Wilson




In my quest to locate classmates, I learned the following:


Susan Miller Shattle’s mother passed away on Friday, July 18, 2008.



Janice Dyer, class of 1964, was killed in an automobile accident in Chattanooga in 2005.  She is the sister of Linda Dyer of our class.




Norman Lee Webb died in February 1992.  A car accident in 1991 left him paralyzed from the chest down.  One year later he suffered a heart attack which took his life.


Norman lived in Fyffe, Alabama with his wife and son, Matthew.  He worked as a K-Mart Assistant Manager after

serving with our military forces in Vietnam.






Linda C. Bragg, 70, of Ooltewah, (the sister of Alan Bragg) died on Monday, September 1, 2008, at her home.

She was a retired teacher and admin. assistant from the Silverdale Academy.

Ms. Bragg was preceded in death by her brother, Don Bragg.
Survivors are her daughters, Sharon Arroyo, of Oviedo, Fl., and Karen Goodwin, of Palatka, Fl.; sister, Cris Forrester, of Ooltewah; brothers, Mike Bragg (class of 1962) of Medina, Ohio, and Alan Bragg of Chattanooga


From Alan Bragg:


My sister, Linda (CHS class of '55) was a wonderful lady.  She had been battling colon cancer since 2001 and we celebrate her home-going.  I've also lost my two oldest siblings and both parents.  Hardly a day goes by that I don't remember some words we shared when they were still here and I yearn to see them again .   




Bobbie Jo Singer Wright (Class of 1964)


Bobbie, 62, died on Sunday, August 31, at home surrounded by her family.


She is survived by her husband of 45 years, Michael Wright; son David and daughter-in-law Beth; two grandsons, Corey and Codey Wright.







Jerri James Hill got out of the hospital on August 15, following open heart surgery.  This surgery was to prevent a possible heart attack.  Doctors replaced a valve and repaired a hole that had been between her heart chambers from birth.  She also received a pacemaker.





Keep up with Pat and Jerry Mayfield by logging on to the following website, then clicking on journal:






Linda Wilson-Wilson’s son had surgery to remove the brain tumor and is doing well.  He doesn’t know when he will be able to return to work.  The insurance company hasn’t paid the bills, so please continue praying for that situation.




Raymond Adams update

(reported by Bobby Byrd)

I went by Raymond's apartment on Saturday (August 23) and visited for a while.  He is taking various pain medications orally every four hours, and he wears a patch on his chest for pain management, but he is still experiencing some discomfort.  He also takes medication to help him sleep, and he is using a walker to move about his apartment, but for the most part he sits and watches television or lies in bed. 

He is pleased with his hospice team, and he has the confidence that they will keep him comfortable as he transitions to the next life. 

My only concern is that he sometimes seems bitter about his circumstances, which is certainly understandable.  He is now unable to bathe himself or prepare his meals.  His younger sister Sarah Jo visits with him daily to help him with any of his needs.





Class  Happenings


An exhibit of art work by Kathy Shields Eckler will be held from September 3 – October 2, 2008, at the Adams Gallery in Lebanon, Tennessee. 


The artist reception will be Thursday, September 11 from 5:00 – 7:00 pm with the Gallery talk held on Wednesday, September 17, at 11:00 am.


Kathy will exhibit her newest work “New Petals Perception”, a 24” x 30” oil on canvas.


Adams Gallery

Cumberland University

One Cumberland Square

Lebanon, TN





Attorney Mack O’Rear, Central High class of 1964, was the featured speaker at our class meeting in August.  He gave us good advice regarding legal issues related to aging.  He discussed practical and affordable ways to avoid probate.


If you would like to utilize Mack’s legal services, he can be reached at: 








Our webmaster, Wiley Poole (class of 1962) just added a ‘nostalgia’ page to our website.


When you add your bio, you can list your favorite song from 1965 and he will add it to the nostalgia page, where you can hear it played.


Speaking of bios, there are only a few bios on our website.  In my efforts to entice you to add yours, all biographies that are posted on our website will be entered in a drawing for a nice prize at our reunion.  Go to the website as soon as you finish reading this and add your bio so that your name will be entered in the drawing.



Class of 1965 Stationery and Letterhead


A committee will be created at our next class meeting to design our class stationery and letterhead.  This group will meet outside our regular class meeting.  If you have any ideas for the design of said letterhead and stationery, please let me know and I will give your ideas to those on the committee. 


I know Miss Derryberry taught a lot of good artists, so let me hear from you.  Maybe you can draw your idea, scan it and e-mail it to me or you can put your ideas on paper and mail them to me at: 11550 Birchwood Pike, Harrison, TN 37341.




The December 2008 newsletter should contain the dates chosen for the cruise and the reunion.  Stay tuned……




It’s taken about two years, but I can now honestly say that time and effort has been expended on every one of our classmates in an effort to find them.  At present there are 57 classmates that I simply cannot find any information on.  Sadly, we have 32 classmates who are deceased.  On a more positive note, however, our list contains good contact info for 278 classmates.  Then there are the twelve who simply refuse to attend a reunion no matter how much we bribe or threaten them.  And, yippee, I have e-mail addresses for 178 classmates.  I have listed below the names of those classmates we can’t find, in the hopes that you may know something about them.  Sometimes just a small clue will help us find them.


I want to thank Lori Harless, Virgil Anderson, Loren Clopton and W. L. Goodman for helping in the search for students and helping to get our list in top-notch shape.  If you helped and I didn’t give you credit, please forgive me.  I’m getting old and senile.


I have come to believe that I am a closet detective.  I’ve almost gotten hooked on searching for these people.  In fact, I don’t know what I’ll do now that the list is as complete as I can get it.  I’ll have to find another project to keep me from having to clean house.  Maybe I’ll help the classes of 1963 and 1964 with their lists.  Anyone wishing to help, please let me know.



Check the following website for a nice article on Coach Etter.







If you like bluegrass music, I guarantee you will have fun at the Snow Hill Bluegrass Jamboree which is held the first Saturday of each month at the old Snow Hill Elementary School.  Located at the intersection of Snow Hill Road and Mahan Gap in Harrison, TN, it begins at 6:00 pm and there is no admission fee.  The fire fighters of the Highway 58 Volunteer Fire Dept. cook barbeque, burgers, etc. and the Department receives the monetary benefits from the sale of this food.  This money goes to purchase fire-fighting equipment, as well as to help needy families in the area.   


The jamboree has a wonderful emcee, Jerry Wilson (hey, I know him.)  Sometimes it seems we have a class of ’65 reunion when Mike Pleasant, Alan Hulgan, and occasionally Janie Young attend.




Lost Classmates


Greg Anderson

Janet Anderson (Taylor)

Kenneth Baker

Gloria Benson

Carolyn Blackstone (Hennessee)

Shirley Bost (Crabtree)

Bruce Bramlett

Sharon Brazier

Shirley Jean brown (Branam)

Sandra Choate (Wilson)

Nancy Crews (Jordan)

William Dowling

Jimmy Duck

Judy Dugger

Donna Dunn

Janis Dyer

Don Richard Eslinger

Dina Carole Farmer (Breedlove)

Gary Freeman

Peggy Goss (Carter)

Regina Hayes (Clonts)

Martha Jane Hicks (Parker)

Lorene Hill

Eleanor Hobson

Robert Hudson

Joyce Jenkins

Tommy Johns

David King

John Kuntz

Don Lamb

Linda Lavvorn

Sharon Lawrence (Roberts)

Bernard Lewis

Brenda Lewis

Diane Marie Linder

Wilburn (Buddy) Long

Mike Lyons

Starlet Diane McClain (Chattin)

Bill McLaughlin

Diane Mulkey

James Murray

Cheryl Netherly (Turner)

Patricia Payne

Darryl Phillips

Joyce Diane Poole

Barbara Roberson (Roberts)

Jane Ruffner (Perkins)

David Satterfield

Linda Scoggins (Tackett)

Joy Lynn Shirk (Wright)

Diane Simmons Smith

Bill Smith

Susan Smith (Ward)

Diane Stone (Perry)

Becky Stout (Winston)