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December 2007

Central 1965 Digest

December 2007

Weíre the best there is alive; weíre the class of Ď65


From the editor:

This has been a busy few months for our class. Weíve been brought together for fun times like the centennial celebration and the birthday party; but also for sad times such as the funeral of David Shelton. Iím proud to see so many of you at all these functions, but it was especially touching to know how many of you showed your love for a fellow classmate by attending his funeral or visiting the funeral home.

I received a lot of comments from those at the birthday party telling me they felt it was one of the better reunions. Some of the things I learned while there were:

(1) Lori and a few others baked cookies in home ec, took them to some of the young male teachers along with a note that read: With love, Miss York. When Miss York found out about it, she made them fry bananas and eat them.

(2) I learned the sad news of the death of Terre Ladd.

(3) I learned that I wasnít the only one who didnít know what the submarine races were. Peggy Bennett fessed up to not knowing.

The one comment that I will always remember from that night was when Steve Snyder (who Iíve known since the 6th grade) came up to me and said "Linda, I remember when we were in school you were very quiet. If you donít mind me askingÖÖ.what happened?? I told him the answer to that could fill the pages of a book.

David Wayne Shelton

David Shelton, 60, of Hixson, died on Wednesday, September 19, 2007 at his residence.

David was a U.S. Army Veteran, a member of I.B.E.W. Local 175, a member of Fidelity Lodge #558, a member of the York Rite and Alhambra Shrine.

He was preceded in death by his wife, Patsy Shelton, brother, Claude P. Shelton; sister, Sharon Shelton Alvarez and parents, Steve and Hazel Shelton.
He is survived by his son and daughter-in-law, Richie and Alecia Shelton of Hixson; granddaughter, Baylee Shelton of Hixson; stepson, Tommy (Rhonda) Asburn of Hixson; stepdaughters, Davonna Hinneman of Marion County and Shari Asburn of Red Bank.

Funeral services were held at 10 a.m. on Monday in the funeral home chapel with Rev. Ted Painter officiating. A Masonic service followed the funeral service in the chapel. Interment was in the Chattanooga National Cemetery.

The family requests expressions of sympathy take the form of memorial contributions to the American Diabetes Association, 211 Center Park Drive Suite 3010, Knoxville, TN 37922


My Friend, David Shelton

I was the last car in line as we were entering the National Cemetery in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on September 24, 2007, to attend the funeral of a good friend, David Shelton.

When we bury our friends, our minds often take us back to the memories we made through the years with them. While I was waiting to proceed in line, I thought of the many kind deeds he did for my family. I thought of his son, Richie, and how much David loved him. Richie and his wife, Alecia, provided David with a beautiful granddaughter named Baylee, and these three wonderful people brought many happy times to Davidís life. David enjoyed his family, his friends, and life. He was a very generous man and he loved helping others.

David served his Country, and we were reminded of this as his casket was draped with our beautiful American flag. As Taps were played, it was easy to notice and feel a sweet, sweet spirit among us. It seemed as if David was smiling down on us, and feeling like his old self again. It was also a touching sight to see several of Davidís football teammates pay their respects to their friend. Davidís football buddies (Bill Harless, Ernie McCarson, Steve Thompson, Gary (Bear) Randall, Mike Randolph and Max Smith) were the Pallbearers.

I believe that the Arms that welcomed David into Heaven, are the same Arms that keep our Hearts today.

David will be Missed, but not Forgotten!

by Janie Young Potter


Terre Ladd Dunn

Terre Ladd Dunn, age 59, passed away on August 25, 2007. Surviving are her husband of 42 years, Roy Dunn, and their daughter. A son, Lee, who was born on August 25, 1968, and died about six years ago in an automobile accident, precedes her in death.

Terreís working career was spent working as a bookkeeper with various car dealerships, including Capital Toyota. She and her husband loved horses and raised them at their home in Whitwell, TN. She was of the Presbyterian faith. Interment was in the Lakewood Cemetery.

Unfortunately, we did not learn of Terreís death until late November. At that time Virgil Anderson and Alva Jo Gass LaMontagne made some phone calls and found out from her husband, Roy, that the artery in the back of Terreís neck had a blockage and that may have caused her death.

Condolences may be sent at www.tatefuneralhome.com.


Central High Class of 1965 turns 60

Some 35 classmates and their guests gathered at Valleybrook Golf Club recently to collectively celebrate their 60th birthdays.

The event was spearheaded by Linda Smiley Wilson and Loretta Harless Grauso. If they had given a prize for the ones who traveled the farthest distance, it would have gone to Bobby Ray Johnson, his wife Kathy and daughter Katee, who came from their home near Seattle, WA. They were in Chattanooga to celebrate Thanksgiving with Bobís family. His daughter, Katee, is considering the University of Georgia in Athens when she graduates from high school.

Several of the classmates contributed items for goody bags for the birthday celebrants (which included tee-shirts with the "Purple Pounders and "The Class of 1965" logos as well as a CD of the 1965 Champion yearbook. Goody bags were also given to all the guests. A number of stories were shared regarding memories of the old Central High on Dodds Avenue.

Door prizes were also given. One of particular interest was a painting depicting the "class of 1965 birthday party" donated by Mike Pleasant. Other door prizes included a book recently written by Jeff Richmond (the husband of Peggy Bennett Richmond) titled "Vision of Treachery" and UTK posters donated by Gary and Jackie Nelson Moore. Gary is a professional photographer. Various gifts were donated by Peggy Bennett Richmond, Patti Averitt Gross, Carol Franklin McCamish, Lori Harless Grauso and Linda Smiley Wilson.

Those in attendance were Patti Averitt Gross, Carol Franklin McCamish, Vicky King Forgey, Virgil Anderson, Loretta Harless Grauso, Elaine Hubbard Tate, Peggy Bennett Richmond, Sandra Denton Fox, Max Smith, Jackie Nelson Moore, Steve Snyder, Mike Pleasant, Bobby Byrd, Bobby Johnson, Janie Young Potter, Jim McMillian and Linda Smiley Wilson.


Mr. and Miss Central 42 years later

Janie Young Potter and Bob Johnson


Check out our website for more photos.


While youíre there, be sure to submit your biography.

There will be an article covering this event in the Town Talk section of the Chattanooga Times Free Press.


Centennial Celebration

Our own Lori Harless Grauso was one of the speakers at the plaque dedication at the Dodds Avenue site of the old Central High School building. This event began the festivities celebrating the 100th birthday of Central High School. The Class of 1965 was well represented at the Centennial Celebration events.

Our webmaster has posted pictures from the celebration on our website. Check them out.


Classmates News

If you send out any info emails in the next couple of weeks, please let everybody know that on September 7, 2007, I will be retiring. YEA!

I plan to come to the centennial BBQ and hopefully will get to see a lot of folks from '65 and other classes.

Mike McCarty


W. L. Goodman suffered a light heart attack on November 15. After a few days in the hospital and a few days resting at home, he was soon back at work fulfilling his duties as owner and President of Office Coordinators in Chattanooga.


Charlie Saylors is a grandfather for the second time. Brenna Katherine was born on November to his daughter, Jennifer Funderburk.


Elaine Hubbard Tate welcomed her newest granddaughter. Lia Jane Tate arrived on August 3, 2007. Proud Grandma writes the following:

She weighed in at 8 lbs. and has a head full of black hair and big blue eyes. And, of course, is simply beautiful. She looks a lot like her older sister, Bailey, when she arrived. Mom, baby, sister and Dad are all doing well but running on no sleep at the moment. Please keep them in your prayers.

A note on Tyler - he is doing so well He has just completed a series of tests on his lung and his kidneys and has received an all-clear on both. The doctors feel he should be able to do anything he wants!! Praise the Lord!! He is now 18 months old and according to his Mom is on a fast track into the "twos".


Mary Alice Howell Alexander

At a time when most of us are retired or considering retirement, Mary Alice Howell Alexander accepted the position of President and CEO of MercyFlight Southeast in Leesburg, FL, effective November 15, 2007. Congratulations Mary Alice. Weíre proud of you. I asked her to tell us about her new position and she wrote the following.

MercyFlight Southeast coordinates free air transportation for children and adults with medical or compelling humanitarian needs. This is a nonprofit organization using volunteer private pilots and their small aircraft. The pilots donate their time and fuel in an effort to help financially-stressed people to travel to often far away facilities when commercial service is not available, impractical or simply not affordable. Our pilots fly missions to provide transportation for organ transplant candidates, clinical trials and other research, chemotherapy and other repetitive treatment, victims of abuse seeking relocation, patients and families receiving assistance from the Shriners Hospitals, Ronald McDonald Houses and other organizations that serve the community AND Homeland Security and emergency disaster relief.

Iím responsible for Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. While Tennessee is not in my territory, we work with other regional groups to Ďfly throughí patients between different regional organizations. However, if anyone in Tennessee is in need of help, they should call 800.325.8908 or visit www.airlifthope.org.

I have spent my entire professional life in nonprofit organizations, specifically the Atlanta Humane Society, Atlanta Botanical Garden, Habitat for Humanity in Atlanta, Historic Oakland Cemetery (Margaret Mitchell and Bobby Jones are interred there, along with most of the founding families of Atlanta all the way back to 1850.) and Reinhardt College. Gee, it doesnít sound like much in retrospect, so why am I exhausted????


Linda Lewis Crossley

Hope things are going OK for you.  I have been on disability since July 27th.  My neck is bothering me real bad again and my doctor took me off the job.  I have surgery scheduled for Nov. 5.  Looks as though my 28-year career is over at the railroad.  I will be on long-term disability until I start drawing RR retirement (age 65). 


We bought a beautiful home in Westcliffe, CO.  It's sitting empty right now as my husband still has 1 yr. and 3 mos. before he retires.  We are going back there next weekend for a week, again in Nov. for Thanksgiving and then over the Christmas holidays.  Some of our kids are coming for the holidays.  We have five bedrooms so we certainly have plenty of room.  We also have ten acres with it.  After living in CA all these years and paying high prices, I had no idea what else was out there.  We will put this house on the market in Feb. or March and hope it moves pretty fast.  When it sells, I will go on to CO with our granddaughter who lives with us, and then Hal will come when he retires.  We pray it all works out.


The recent rough weather in Oregon and Washington did not adversely affect Bob Johnson and his family. He said they live on high ground so the floods did not harm them; neither did the high winds.


Iíve received several requests to provide a classmates e-mail list to all of you. Iíve been very protective of the e-mail list because I know some of you donít like to receive e-mails at work, plus I just didnít feel comfortable giving out your info.

Since Iíve received so many requests and because I feel itís an excellent way for all of you to communicate with one another, I have decided to compile a list that can be shared with all classmates. Rather than just simply sending out the list I now have, I would like to have your permission to put your name and e-mail address on a list.

If you would like for your address to be shown on that list, please hit the reply button on this e-mail and let me know. Once that list is completed, Iíll send it to all of you.


A bit of trivia:

Did any of you see the movie "2,000 Maniacs" which was shown in 1965 at the 23rd Street Drive-in? If you did, it would be interesting to know what you thought of it. That movie was so scary that it gave me horrible memories until a few years ago when I bought a copy of it. Well, at least it shows that I did watch the movie!

That movie, which was cutting-edge in 1965, now seems so unreal compared to todayís technology. We watched it with some friends and were laughing during most of it, all the while mimicking the Rebel war yell (Yee Haw.) Maybe some time we can have a Halloween party and Iíll show it; that is, if youíre brave enough.

Linda Smiley Wilson


Words of wisdom:

Donít waste your time on jealousy. Sometimes youíre ahead; sometimes youíre behind. Itís a long race and in the end, itís with yourself.

Author unknown


Make Plans Now for a fun-filled

New Yearís Eve party

A New Yearís Eve party for our classmates and their guests is being planned for Saturday, December 29. Well, I guess that will make it a New Yearís Eve, Eve, Eve party.

I will send out an e-mail with further details as they become available. In the meantime, mark your calendars.

Weíll have a lot of fun. We may be getting closer and closer to being old, but I donít think we should give in to it. Letís enjoy our youth as long as we can.


Donít forget: Go to our website, check out the latest pictures and do your bio.

Also, let me know if you would like to have your name and e-mail included in a list to be given to all of our classmates.


Attorney Mack OíRear (CHS class of 1966) has offered to present an informational session regarding items of interest to us baby boomers. One such item this no-cost session will cover is the preparation of your will. He and Janie Young Potter are coordinating the details and I will inform you as soon as they are completed.


Confused about the president candidates and who supports which issues?? Check out the following website. All you have to do is take a very quick test and list the issues you do (or do not) support. The computer will do the math and match you with the candidate that best supports your side of the issues.





If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you are reading it in English, thank a military veteran.




Merry Christmas


a Happy 2008!