September 2018 Alumni Association
Meeting Minutes
Next Meeting is Thursday, November 8
Join us in the School Library at 6pm
The September meeting of the Chattanooga Central High School Alumni Association was held September 13, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. in the school library. President, Lucy Bottorff called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. Barney Ottinger was unable to attend the meeting. However, he was available via audio conference from Newport News, Virginia. Mr. King is attending a parent meeting and will be late. There were many new attendees. Several of these new attendees are newly elected class officers. Some of our first-timers include: Tyler Mullins, Kenyan McCrebey, Matthew Frazier, Brooke Johnson, Kinsley Sims, Riley Martin, Nathen Vanderwilt, Jack Neeley, Jack Graham, Samantha Reels, Erin Bell, and DayOnna Carson.

Acceptance of Minutes

Lucy distributed the minutes, agenda, and treasurer’s report for review. A motion to accept the minutes as written was made by Tara Waldrop. Buffy Hoge seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Treasurer's Report

Tara reported the fund balance to be $11,588.69. There were two outstanding items. One check to Vanderbilt (scholarship) and another for the purchase of a Farmer Book. We have also accepted several golf related items. A motion to accept the treasurer’s report was made by Buffy. Judy Phillips seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Old Business

John Crawford said the pictures are ready for the SHOF Induction. Buffy presented each picture for everyone to see. Programs have been printed and Brian Smith will be the emcee. One family has not responded. Everything is set up for the induction ceremony.

Vivian Pettigrew has set up the BBQ dinner. There have been 60 tickets sold and more will be sold at the door. The family receives two free tickets. The rest are purchased. Tara made a motion for one family where each step-son will receive two tickets each instead of two per family. Judy seconded. Motion passed.

Tara submitted a press release and posted online. She will send out another press release to every reporter she can find an email for on TV and radio.

Finley King has the hammer & anvil trophies. Tara will bring the checks for the caterers. 

Volunteers for the SHOF event should arrive at 4:30 p.m. on September 28th. The dinner begins at 5:30 p.m. 

Buffy asked Finley if football tickets can be sold ($7) at the SHOF event because the line will be so long. He said he would have tickets available for purchase.  The inductees will be added to the pass list to go through the gate and out on the field for recognition during the game.

Barney said the hole-in-one insurance has been ordered for the golf tournament and he is waiting on the final price. Judy added that Lucy took care of the updates to the alumni website. Judy presented an updated Committee List and went over all the duties and any updates that were made to the list since the last meeting. She said there had been approximately $9,000.00 committed from sponsors for the golf tournament so far. Last year, we grossed between $15,000 - $16,000 for the golf tournament. Gibby Gilbert and his son, as well as Jerry Merriman and his son will be playing on a team!

David said there were four commemorative bricks in Finley’s office. These have been ordered since we started selling them in July. Online ordering will happen once the PayPal account is set up. Tara said she is working on that. She said the next deadline should be December 31st. That will give time to get through the golf tournament. Jake will put an article out about it. Tara made a motion to approve PayPal by email after the meeting so we can expedite brick orders as soon as possible. Finley seconded. Motion passed. Barney wants to see about selling commemorative bricks for the dedication of the track. Lucy tabled this discussion until the next meeting in October and possibly discussing this in a committee separately. 

Principal's Report

Finley reported that the new class officers have been elected! He promoted the SHOF dinner to parents at the meeting tonight and told them they can purchase tickets at the door.

Finley received a call from a 1957 class alum. They are having a reunion on November 3rd and want to have it at the school. Tara mentioned her ‘88 reunion was great! Finley attended and the group went to the game and the cheerleaders gave tours. 

The school year is going good! Will be having dress-down and a pep rally to beat East Hamilton. The Central Digest has highlighted new teachers, so check it out. Thirteen people who work at Central High have gone to school here. The building turns 50 years old this year! There are also 10 teachers turning 50 and Finley wants to do something special for that.  
New Business

Lucy explained that the Vanderbilt Scholarship (B. Harrigan) in the amount of $1,000.00 was so she could purchase a computer for college.

Several of our newly elected class officers were in attendance. Nathen Vanderwilt is the new Senior Class President. An introduction was made of all newly elected officials.  

Kinsley Sims, a CHS Sophomore cheerleader made a presentation to ask if the Alumni Association would be interested in purchasing a cheer banner to sponsor the team. She explained that the cheerleaders help sell coupon books with the football team. However, the percentage of proceeds they receive is a small amount. They have car washes and other events planned for the season to raise money. Buffy proposed to make a motion to pay $200 for the banner to sponsor the team. Tara seconded the motion. Judy would like to amend the motion and offer $500 to the cheerleading team. She cited the fact that the cheerleaders are always there and help the Association with the golf tournament and the Sports Hall of Fame (SHOF) dinner. They pass out flyers, direct guests, and serve food or help with other tasks at these events for us. David Sharp seconded the motion. Three opposed. Motion passed.

Finley will get the labels to be added to the Hammer & Anvil trophies.

Lucy addressed the concern someone had about fundraising and support from the Alumni Association recently. She stated that if you have a need or concern regarding funding, please present it to Finley. Have your representative present the needs of the group to the Association so it can be addressed. We are here for all students. 

Finley has recently spoken to Doyle and Martha Attaway. They will be sponsoring a scholarship which will be endowed through UT for Central High School graduates that want to attend UTK. It will pick up where the Hope Scholarship leaves off. It will be named the Attaway Family Scholarship. 

Jake Johns said the Coca Cola fundraiser using lid scan codes from My Coke Rewards has raised $100.00 for the Digest. Let Jake know if you have bottle caps and he will pick them up and enter the codes in Journalism class. The big green clothes bin pays 7 cents per pound of clothing and the bin is out and ready to fill up. EPB purchased a $480 ad with the Digest as well as the Mark Hite Realty Team.

Zoey Greene said the first youth leadership meeting went really well. They walked the downtown Chattanooga areas and their focus was on urban planning. A scavenger hunt was held and they “built” a city for the event.

The first Mayor’s Youth Council meeting was held with Jake Johns and Matthew Davis in attendance, along with Mayor Burke. They discussed issues such as voter participation and how to increase participation.

Volleyball isn’t listed as a sport on the website. Finley will take care of that.

The next alumni meeting will take place on Thursday, October 11, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. in the school library.

Tara made a motion to adjourn. David seconded. Motion passed.

Kelly D. Robinson


Meeting Attendees
Judy Phillips                        
Kelly Robinson
Tara Waldrop
Heather Randolph
Kenyou McCrebey
Vivian Pettigrew
Buff Hoge
Zach Butler
Jack Graham
Brooke Johnson
Jack Johns
Tyler Mullins
Pam Miller
Nathan Vanderwilt
Matthew Frazier
Zoey Greene
John Crawford
Kristie Neely
Jack Neely
Riley Martin     
DayOnna Carson
Barney Ottinger
ERin Bell
Finley King
David Sharp
Samantha Reels
Destiny Smith
Kinsley Sims