2018 Chattanooga Central High School Athletic Hall of Fame Selection Criteria


1. An application should be obtained from the Central High Alumni/Supporters Association website and sent in as soon as possible with accurate information. (See attached nomination form)

2. Nominations by application will be considered first for accuracy, and will include the level of success in sports at Central and also in the college and pro ranks and have demonstrated good character as a favorable reflection on Central High School. Good high school athletes without college or professional experience will eventually be considered for selection.

3. The committee will attempt to verify the information listed on each application so the full address, phone number, email and website should be included in case it is necessary to contact the nominator for additional information or explanation as to why they were or were not selected.

4. The committee will then seek other nominations from others and/or collectively seek other candidates that meet the criteria.

5. Diversity and balance between Dodds Avenue and Highway 58 will be sought if possible but without reduction in the quality of the potential inductees into the Central Sports Hall of Fame.

If you have questions please feel free to contact the following committee members by email:

Heather Randolph- hcr1106@gmail.com John Crawford- coachcrawford@yahoo.com Jerry Summers- jsummers@summersfirm.com Mark Matlock- protirematlock@gmail.com

Your input will be used to ensure that we nominate the best athletes that project a favorable image of Central High School.





Chattanooga Central High Athletic Hall of Fame

Nomination Form

The selection committee will be accepting nominations for the next class for Central High School Athletic Hall of Fame for outstanding athletes since 1945 to be announced this fall at the football homecoming game. The deadline for applications is August 1st of each year.

The criterion for selection is as follows:

1. Central Athlete, Coach or Support Staffperson

2. Having distinguished themselves while at Central and in college / pro ranks

3. Recognized leader in the community in any category that would reflect favorable on Central High School

4. Nominees can include living or deceased alumni from 1945-present

5. Nominees for said honor shall be of unquestionable character

Nominee Information:

[Please Print]

1. Name of nominee: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Address (City, State, Zip Code) Email (If available)

2. Central graduation year (if alumnus): ____________________________________

3. Sports played at Central: ______________________________________________

4. Honors (All City, District, Region, State, etc.): ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

5. College(s) attended and years: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

6. Honors at college and/or community, professional/amateur sports: (All Conference, All American, etc.): ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

7. Other: ___________________________________________________________________

8. Professional career: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

9. Reasons you believe nominee should be in Central Athletic Hall of Fame: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


10.How nominee reflects favorably on Central High School: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

11.Highest level achieved in sport(s) (ex. Double AA Baseball): ___________________________________________________________________



Name of Nominator: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Address [City, State] [Zip Code] ________________________________________________________________________

[Home Phone] [Cell Phone] [Email Address]

Please attach any supporting documents pertaining to the nominee’s athletic history.

Please mail to:

John Crawford
9565 Silent Circle
Ooltewah, TN 37363
or Email: coachcrawford@yahoo.com

If you have questions, please email